1.About product

What is the PICASOU AI Box?

PICASOU means: Plug In Car Android System via Original .

Compatible with cars with original CarPlay, for adding Android system to OEM car head unit.

You can install any apps you like from Google Play Store, whatever YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Google Maps, Waze, Yandex Navi, Google Assistant, etc.


 Does it suit my car?

If your car has built-in factory CarPlay and Android Auto function, our products are suitable.

You can check out for iPhone IOS system: Apple CarPlay List

For Android System: Android Auto List

We have a video to show you how to check if there's a CarPlay function, please click here:

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I want to watch video in my car.

Our PICASOU AI BOX support video and game playing in car , you can choose models of "CarPlay AI BOX" collection to meet your need.

Latest version of PICASOU AI BOX


I want to get a wireless Carplay

 We have 2 models of wireless CarPlay adapter to meet your need.

U2-NOW is the latest version , it's the fastest adapter on the market, and much more stable than others.