Practical Tips for Wireless Carplay Adapter and Android Auto: Here's Everything You Should Know

There is a never-ending war between users of Android and iOS when it comes to selecting the perfect mobile operating system. Choosing the right kind of infotainment system for their car also matters in this tug-of-war.


This kind of infotainment system works as a perfect entertainment system for both Android and iOS users. 


People go with both Wireless Carplay Adapter and Android Auto for their car’s screen display. Android Auto offers a variety of benefits to its users. These benefits include calling, listening to music podcasts, navigating through maps, and many more. 


They can use their Android Auto by connecting their Android phones using a USB cable. One thing they can also do is connect wirelessly through their Android Auto if their car supports this feature. 


One of the good things about using wireless Android Auto is that it offers great convenience to its users. This is also possible due to the advanced feature of wireless that improves the infotainment game.  


Likewise, Apple Carplay is perfect for iPhone users to connect their devices and enjoy the infotainment system seamlessly in their cars while driving.


But in the world of technology, anything may face malfunctioning issues, no matter whether it is CarPlay or Android Auto. 


Here, we’ll discuss the practical tips to prevent your wireless Carplay or Android Auto from any issues. You can consider these practical tips to resolve simple fixes on your own. 


Top 10 Tips You Need to Consider to Fix Your Android Auto if it Isn’t Working


Let’s discuss about the Android Auto first. Sometimes, it can be difficult to take the calls while driving. If your Android Auto isn’t connected automatically to your phone, then you may find it more frustrating.  


Here, you can find a few simple steps or tips on how to fix your Android Auto. 


  1. Reconnect and Disconnect the USB Cable


There are many times when a simple and small wire connection in the USB may cause a huge issue within Android Auto. For instance, if you do not plug your phone into your USB cable, then it may face no connection at all.


For this purpose, you need to plug your phone properly into the device in order to make your Android Auto work properly. 


  1. Ensure the compatibility of your vehicle with Android Auto.


As you know, there are some vehicles that are not compatible with Android Auto. If you want to check the compatibility of your vehicle, then ask your manufacturer.


In order to check the compatibility of your vehicle, you can also visit Google’s official Android Auto support website. 


In addition to this, you can also install an aftermarket head unit in your car if your vehicle isn’t compatible with Android Auto. This can be a great option for you if you want an Android Auto in your vehicle. 


  1. Wireless Android Auto needs Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, enabling.



Both wired and wireless Android Auto is available in the market these days. You need to enable your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features to further use your Wireless Android Auto. Your phone will be unable to connect to your Android Auto if you do not turn on these features. 


  1. Clear Android Auto Cache


One of the most effective tips for your Android Auto to work properly is to clear its cache. It can solve most of the issues when you clear the Android Auto cache.


Let’s discuss a few steps on how to clean the Android auto cache mentioned below:


Step 1: Visit the settings in your phone and click on the apps section. 

Step 2: Tap on the Android Auto in the Apps section.

Step 3: Click on the storage and cache.

Step 4: Clear the cache. 




 These steps will work if you use them on your device for better connectivity to your Android Auto. 


  1. Move to Wired Android Auto instead of Wireless.


Most time, a wireless Android Auto connection may not be possible with your phone. In such a case, you need to go with a wired Android Auto for a seamless connection.


You can connect your phone via a USB cable if such type of possibility occurs. Wireless Android Auto works well if you connect your phone via Bluetooth. 


  1. Choose a compatible USB cable for data transfers.



 It is an essential factor to choose a good USB cable. If you use a high-quality cable, then it can be useful to make a stable connection between your phone and car’s infotainment system. 


Avoid using third-party USB cables for your Android Auto. This does not let you use your Android Auto but only supports charging your device. That’s why you must choose the USB (USB-C to USB 3.0) cables that are highly compatible with Android Auto. 


  1. Visit PlayStore and update the Android Auto App.


An error mostly occurs when you use an old version of the Android Auto app on your phone.


Your Android Auto may face some issues if you are using an outdated version. Thus, updating your Android app from the Google Play Store can be the most useful tip to deal with this type of error. 


To update your Android app, visit the Android Auto app on your Google Play store. You can easily find a new update on your mobile screen.


After completing the updation, you can try once again connecting your phone to Android Auto to know whether it works or not. 


  1. Turn off and restart the Android Head Unit in the Car.


Android Auto may not cause issues while connecting to your infotainment system. If you face any issues with your Android Auto, then try turning off the car’s ignition. You need to wait for some time and then restart your car. 


Turn on your infotainment system and try connecting your phone. It can be the case that you may have an issue with the Android head unit. Your Android Auto will work perfectly after turning on the ignition in your car.


  1. Check your mobile data connection.


 Android Auto requires an active internet connection to run the apps and services within the infotainment system. Thus, having an active internet connection is essential to the function of the features of Android Auto. 


With your active internet connection to Android Auto, you may not get access to a few features. These features are Play Music, Google Maps, and many more. 


Consider these tips to drive easily and comfortably in your Android Auto.


If your Android Auto shows any kind of issues or is not working properly, then consider these above-mentioned practical tips. It can be convenient and safe for your driving experience if you take all these points into consideration for your Android Auto. 


Top 7 Tips You Need to Consider to Fix Your Apple CarPlay if it Isn’t Working



You can have a comfortable travel in your car if you have an Apple CarPlay installed. With an Apple CarPlay, you can use your voice to control your car’s infotainment system.


As you can see, Apple CarPlay can cause issues. Thus, you need to find a solution to get your car running properly again. 


Take these essential practical tips if you find your CarPlay isn’t working properly. 


  • Restart your phone device.


Restarting your phone is one of the safest options when you deal with any kind of issues related to your smartphone. It can help you resolve problems like in-app, operating system issues, connection, and many more.


You can also consider “reboot” your smartphone device in case your Apple CarPlay doesn’t work properly. 


  • Enable the Apple CarPlay app on your phone. 


You need to turn on your Apple CarPlay App feature in your iPhone if you are unable to access your car’s infotainment system. 


Steps to turn on the Apple CarPlay feature in your mobile


  • Open your phone’s settings and then tap on the General.
  • Search for the CarPlay section and enable the option. 


You can use these settings to connect your iPhone to your CarPlay in case it isn’t working properly. 


Make sure to enable the CarPlay app in the app section to work it work perfectly. 



  • Ensure that your Bluetooth is properly connected.



You need to make sure that your smartphone device is connected to Bluetooth to use the Apple CarPlay. You need to click on the Bluetooth in your settings. Also, disable the Airplane mode setting to activate the wireless features in your mobile. 


  • Select a USB cable that is working properly.


You may face an issue with your lightning cable (USB) if you have an Apple CarPlay installed in your car. In such a case, you need to check whether your USB cable is properly connected. Try another USB cable if it is not working in your CarPlay. 


It can be the simplest tip to check the faults in your Apple CarPlay. Replacing your USB cable can be a viable solution if you face issues with your current lightning cable. You can easily gain back a reliable connection with this tip. Make sure that you use the right port to connect your USB cable. 


  • Update your operating system regularly.


Simply updating your software can be a viable solution to overcome any issues in your CarPlay. Thus, it is really necessary to update your software every time you face an error with your Carplay. This thing can resolve issues, including bugs, and improve the device’s performance. 

If you install CarPlay in your car then ensure that you’re using the latest versions in iOS device. Some of the issues can caused if you’re using an older version of iOS. 

Go to settings and tap on software update. By doing these steps, you can get a software update and solve the issues with your Apple Carplay. 


  • How to show lyrics on Apple CarPlay?


There are many times when your CarPlay does not show the song's lyrics. If you want to know how to show lyrics on Carplay, then follow these tips.


Several car owners face these issues in their CarPlay while listening to music. They also observe that only the singer’s name and song details are showing on the car’s display, but not the lyrics. 


They also do not find any feature in their Carplay screen to resolve this issue. There is no option in the CarPlay to set this feature. Your mobile’s music app, which plays the song, has the feature to display the lyrics on Carplay. 


You’ll be able to display the lyrics on your Carplay if you use this tip. 


Important Tip: You can find only one or two lines of lyrics in some cars. 


  • Enable the iPhone’s Siri feature.



It can be a case that your CarPlay does not work if you want to command it with your voice. The only solution you can find is to open your Siri settings and turn on the voice assistant feature. 


  • Check the compatibility of your Carplay with your Vehicle.


There are several old car models that are not compatible with the Apple Carplay. The CarPlay feature only exists in the latest car models that support this feature. 


You can search on the internet or visit car manufacturers to know the kinds of car models that support CarPlay before buying. 


Drive conveniently and hassle-free with Apple CarPlay. 


These above-mentioned tips can be useful in case you may face issues with your Apple Carplay. Your journey will be hassle-free and convenient with CarPlay. 


With these life-saving tips, you can easily prevent your issues affecting your Carplay. You’re able to drive responsibly without any hassle if you get a seamless experience with your CarPlay. 


You can also access different features conveniently, including navigating maps, listening to music, and responding to calls on your way. 


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To Summarize

Both Android and Wireless CarPlay work in the same manner except in terms of their features. The only difference is that CarPlay connects to iPhone, and Android Auto connects to Android. 


These devices use your phone to connect to your Car’s infotainment screen. Both kinds of devices provide a seamless driving experience to their users due to their wide variety of specifications and features. 


At some point in time, these devices may run slow or cause issues. The good thing is that users can go for these above-mentioned tips so that they can apply them practically to fix their devices, whether they have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. 


These tips are useful to users of both Android Auto and CarPlay devices. Following these tips can provide a faster and smoother user experience. If they find any issues in either Android Auto or CarPlay, then these tips may be useful to them. 


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay may become more practical and functional by following these tips. Users can freely navigate as well as enjoy themselves with their loved ones easily while travelling.


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