CarPlay AI Box- Top 4 Recommendations For You!


Do you love driving car?


If yes, then we’ll take an excuse from you to describe to you the importance of music and infotainment during car travel. Many of you may already own high-quality CarPlay screens offering seamless access during travel. But are you aware of the CarPlay AI box?


It is a compact unit enabling the use of different applications like Netflix, YouTube, and web browsing during journeys to elevate the experiences of CarPlay screens. With its increasing demand, a large number of products are available in the market.


So today, let us dive into the world of these immersive devices. We’ll understand what CarPlay AI Box is and then shift our focus to the Ottocast products. Ottocast is a well-known brand having expertise in delivering wireless CarPlay adapter solutions.

CarPlay AI box: An Overview

It is a USB plug-and-play device offering the best user experience for car drivers. All you need to do is plug it in the adapter and use your existing Android or iOS smartphone for using the Android Auto or CarPlay.


CarPlay AI box is not just another unit in your vehicle but it is a multipurpose device. It helps in easy internet browsing, easy app use, and other functions. All these features never interact with the original car controls like steering, lights, and others.

Key Features of CarPlay AI Box

After a quick overview, below are the main features of best CarPlay AI Box

  • Compatibility: Android or iOS or both
  • Types of built-in wired CarPlay supported
  • Types of apps supported
  • Web browsing supported
  • Specifications of chipset
  • HDMI output/ HDMI input
  • SIM slots for independent network
  • Micro or nano SD card slots for storage benefits

Advantages Of The CarPlay AI box

After understanding the basic features of any CarPlay AI box, are you thinking about its benefits? Below are some of the exclusive use cases of these units for your vehicle:

  • Firstly, these devices help in the seamless use of the CarPlay or Android Auto screens. There is no need for the users to look for different devices when they can use an AI box to perform different functions.
  • Secondly, the best CarPlay AI boxworks best for your car’s in-built wired CarPlay systems. It offers the advantages of wireless CarPlay to different vehicles.
  • It enables easy downloading of different useful applications like YouTube, Netflix, and others for the best entertainment during the journey.
  • It comes with a stylish user interface adding to the sleek and versatile car interiors along with rich functionality.


Top 4 Recommendations In CarPlay AI Box By Ottocast

Ottocast brings the best functionality out of the CarPlay AI box. All its products have upgraded user interface, split screen, and a user-friendly design. The brand has established its worth when it comes to offering high-quality wireless CarPlay adapter solutions.


So, below are the top offerings of the Ottocast with easy compatibility with different vehicles:



First on our list is Ottocast’s Qualcomm octa-core CarPlay AI box named PICASOU 2 PRO. It allows quick app streaming with online playback of Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube. It is easy for users to switch between wireless Android Auto, wireless CarPlay, and Android systems.

PICASOU 2 PRO is perfect not only for your car but for your office and home. It supports different content on dual-screen and offers dynamic brand LED light for personalization.


  • UI-OttoDrive all new design
  • 1080P HDMI input and output
  • Qualcomm 665 Octa-core chipset
  • In-built GPS
  • Supports Android and iOS

Technical specifications:

  • Available in two versions: EAU for Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America and JP version for Japan.
  • Power input: USB 5 V
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 75 degree Celcius
  • Operating system: Android 10.
  • Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4X RAM,  64GBUFS ROM, with expandable memory up to 128GB.
  • GPS: Built in Beidou/ GLONASS/ GPS.
  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0.



OttoAibox is another CarPlay AI box Android and iOS with three-in-one functions. It allows quick switching between OttoDrive 2.0, Android Auto, and CarPlay. It has a variable interface with upgraded user interface and advanced features.

There is no need to worry about multi-functionality as OttoAibox offers split-screen modes in 3:7, 5:5, and 7:3. It comes with a user-friendly design and allows quick homepage customization.

Not to miss are the multiple ambience lighting modes like waterfall, breathing, gradient, and single. Users do not need to worry about simple and convenient FOTA online updates. It is a perfect CarPlay AI box for use in the car, office, or home.


  • Projects dashboard directly to the headset monitor.
  • Comes with FOTA online updates for keeping your system up to date.
  • Offers a combination of 8GB + 128GB for industry-leading performance.
  • Triple action of OttoDrive 2.0, Android Auto, and CarPlay.
  • Upgraded user interface with sleek design.

Technical specifications:

  • Power input: USB 5V/ 1 A.
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 75 degree Celcius
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665.
  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0.
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz + 5 GHz



PICASOU 2 CarPlay AI box needs no introduction as it is from the popular PICASOU series of Ottocast. It supports seamless movie watching and navigating without any interference. Not to miss are the different contents on different screens with 1080p mini HDMI audio and video output.

It comes with a quick processing speed and smooth operations. It is easy to adjust the screen layout according to your car screen. It is a popular CarPlay AI box Android 12 for car, home, or office as it works on versions greater than Android 11 or higher.

Say goodbye to the boring CarPlay as it supports ambient lighting. It has sufficient storage while keeping the four original car control methods. These are steering wheel control, knob control, touch screen control, and voice control mode.


  • Offers dynamic ambient lighting.
  • UI-OttoDrive all new design
  • 1080P HDMI output
  • Qualcomm 665 Octa-core chipset
  • In-built GPS supporting different types of maps
  • Supports Android and iOS

Technical specifications:

  • Available in two versions: EAU for Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America and JP version for Japan.
  • Power input: USB 5V.
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 75 degree Celcius
  • Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4X RAM,  64GB eMMC ROM, with expandable memory up to 128GB.
  • GPS: Built-in GLONASS/ GPS/ Beidou
  • Connections: TF card tray, nano SIM, mini HDMI, and type-C USB.
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665.
  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0.
  • Wi-Fi: Dual band 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz.



U2-PLUS CarPlay AI BOX is the perfect CarPlay AI box Android 11 for 30s fast Android operating system installation and supports video playing. It comes with integrated Android Auto and wireless CarPlay. It is compatible with three different systems- Android system, Android Auto, and CarPlay.

It works seamlessly with navigation, split screen, Bluetooth phone, Google Play, TF card slot, and dual Bluetooth. The Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450 chip makes it highly efficient and quick.

It is a leading CarPlay AI box for families having iPhones, Android phones, and business people with different phones. It works effortlessly with cars having built-in CarPlay 2016-2022. It is a perfect device for converting factory wired CarPlay into a wireless Android 9.0 system.


  • Supports Android and iOS.
  • Supports map downloading from Google Play.
  • Comes with built-in carPlay and wireless Android Auto.
  • Pre-embedded BEIDOU+ GLONEASS + GPS.
  • Supports 4G SIM installation.

Technical specifications:

  • Power input: USB 5V.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450 chip.
  • Supports CarPlay, Android System, and Android Auto.
  • TF card slot.

Alternatives To CarPlay AI Box By Ottocast

After having a detailed review of the different devices from the Ottocast brand, have a quick glance at some of the alternative options for a clear comparison:




It promises to offer advanced car entertainment and offers wireless Android Auto/ CarPlay connectivity. However, it doesn’t work for cars with OEM wired CarPlay. It offers instant connection with one-time pairing.

Compatibility: Android 10+ or iOS 10+




It is a popular Android 11.0 CarPlay AI box from the aAuroraLink Store with wireless, plug-and-play function. It can be quickly connected to any accessible interface and supports different vehicle controls.

Compatibility: Android 11.0+ or iOS 11




It is compatible with Android Auto and OEM CarPlay while helps expand the original car’s WinCE system to Android. It comes with a type-C slot, TF card slot, and SIM card slot.


Compatibility: Android 11.0+ or iOS 10.0+





Another product in the list is Redmaple CarPlay AI box which supports wired to wireless CarPlay for cars having OEM wired CarPlay. It comes with built-in apps and offers plug-and-play features. It is not compatible with BMW cars.

Compatibility: Android 10+



Last but not least on our list is the CarPlay AI Box for factory OEM wired CarPlay systems from Carlinkit. It has plug-and-play features and comes with pre-installed Netflix and YouTube.

Compatibility: Android 10+ or iOS 10+


Tips To Select The Best CarPlay AI Box

After going through the different options in the  CarPlay AI Box, below are some quick tips to select the right device for your vehicle:


  • Compatibility

Firstly, it is important to check if the best CarPlay AI box is compatible with the Android operating system or iOS operating system. Further, it is important to note the minimum versions of the operating system.

Thanks to the advanced compatibility features of Ottocast devices, all their CarPlay AI boxes are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.


  • User interface and sleek design

The second most important point while selecting the best device for your CarPlay device is its user interface and sleek design. Nobody wants to have a device that does not match their car interiors.

Users like the sleek design and intuitive user interface of Ottocast wireless CarPlay devices.


  • Availability of GPS

Your CarPlay AI box must have an in-built GPS feature. It facilitates web browsing and the use of the best navigation applications on your device.

All leading Ottocast devices are available with GPS functionality.


  • Type of chipset

Moving ahead, it is important to select a device that has a highly functional and feature-rich chipset. The preferred versions include the Qualcomm 665 Octa-core chipset as found in the Ottocast devices.


  • Smart split screen

Many times drivers look for the advanced features in their CarPlay AI box like a smart split screen. It helps in easy watching of videos while using the navigation apps.


  • Money-back guarantee

It is important to check if the device you’ve selected comes with a money-back guarantee or not.

All Ottocast CarPlay AI boxes come with a 30-day return policy.


Key Takeaways

Hence, it is easy to understand the CarPlay AI box in detail. These are the useful devices offering the best benefits of CarPlay to the users. Leading brands like Ottocast understand the customer requirements when it comes to selecting the best CarPlay AI boxes.


You can go for any of the products offered by Ottocast which brings the quality and style of their flagship brand. A quick look at top alternatives hints at the variety of options available in the market.


However, we do recommend selecting the best CarPlay AI box based on your custom requirements.





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