Review: Guide to the best Apple CarPlay wireless adapter 2022

January 2, 2022 TechGuru

If you’re an Apple user, you’re probably a fan of multiple connected devices. Indeed, their convenient ecosystem is one thing that makes iPhones so popular. You can use them seamlessly with your MacBook, or control your other devices with Siri.

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Review: Ottocast Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay 2-in-1 Adapter

November 23, 2021 TechGuru

Automakers have always been adapting their designs to meet the needs of the times. If you showed a modern sedan to someone from the 1920s, they might not even recognize it. It certainly looks nothing like the Model T!

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Hvordan får man en trådløs Carplay?
Jun 02, 2021 Sophia Chang

Ejer du i øjeblikket en OEM-kablet CarPlay, ud over at du ønsker at have kapacitet til at montere den trådløst på din bils stereoanlæg? Eller ønsker du at have muligheden for at linke den via internettet uden at skulle tilslutte din telefon?

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