The Ultimate Guide to CarPlay Dongles: Transform Your Drive Today!



Are you looking for a solution for all your wire hassles? Frustrated and concerned about the safety of yourself and others while driving? Switch to CarPlay dongles.


These dongles make the transition from wired to wireless carplay in minutes. All you need to do is buy Ottocast Wireless CarPlay dongles. These dongles are designed to make your car connected to your phone and you can operate your phone through voice commands, the screen and your knobs.


The way of life becomes easy and safe when you ride in your car. No need to remember the wires for connecting the phone to the carplay; it's very easy now. Open your car door and both systems are connected.


Interesting right? Let us explore some more about our CarPlay dongles. Apple or Android? Our CarPlay dongles work with both. Now connecting phones to cars is easy and taking calls is just a command away.



What are CarPlay Dongles?


A CarPlay dongle is a device that helps you leave your cable connectivity and transform your normal car into a super hi-tech car.


If you want your phone to be automatically connected to your car's infotainment system, then CarPlay is required. After the connection, you can see your phone’s interface on your CarPlay and easily operate it.


The CarPlay dongle helps you send messages, pick up calls, and listen to music. This device will give you the freedom to operate your phone anytime during your ride.


Multiple options on the market support various car brands. There are many queries related to the dongles; we will solve most of them one by one in later parts.


How Does the CarPlay Dongle Work?

Switching to technology is convenient when you know what exactly happens when you use that technology. The answer to the first question is how the dongle will work. It's very easy; you need to connect the dongle to your car’s carPlay USB portal and then easily connect your phone through it.


We also provide a user manual in case you face connectivity issues; it's similar to WiFi dongles that we used previously to establish internet connections on our systems, laptops, etc.


Who can use CarPlay, Dongals?

The second thing that comes to mind is which devices are compatible with the CarPlay dongles. Is it only for Apple users or can Android users also use it? Our team has created Carplay dongles for both because why should only Apple users have all the fun?


How are CarPlay dongles useful to you?

Anything is worth buying when we know the benefits of the product. How the product will contribute to our customer’s life. Our goal is always to create a product that makes your life easy, enhances your lifestyle and keeps your ride convenient. Let us know how our Android carplay dongles or Apple carplay dongles will help you during your rides.


The best five benefits of using CarPlay dongles for our users are:

Safety: When you drive, the first concern you have is your safety. With our carplay dongles, you will minimize the risk of unwanted accidents on the road. Because they will help you operate your phone through your carPlay, which reduces the chance of shifting your concentration from the road to other things. Now, you can talk with your loved ones or listen to music without fear.



A device that keeps you and your family safe is very convenient. That’s not all; it also gives you control of your phone while you are driving. Now, with our iPhone dongles or Android dongles, you do not need to worry about your phone. You can easily operate it wherever your phone is in your car.


No Cables: Say bye-bye to cables with our CarPlay dongles. Our dongles will make your phone's connectivity with your car easy and after this, you do not need to remember those wire clusters while you ride.


Enhancing a Car’s Ability: These dongles come with an auto-upgradation system. Automatic connection of your device with your car is the future. You can easily make your car future-ready by investing today. A small investment will make your car a high-tech one without investing in a new one.


Automatic Connection: CarPlay dongles allow your device to connect with your car automatically. You do not need to connect both of them every time you enter the car. Our dongles connect both devices as soon as you open your car door.


Which Technology is used by the CarPlay dongles?

The CarPlay dongle uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect and for the transmission of data.


How do I choose the best CarPlay Dongle for my car?

There are multiple options available on the market when we talk about CarPlay dongles. But how will a customer decide which one is best for him? There are some criteria that you should consider before buying a CarPlay Dongle.


Compatibility: Not all dongles are made for all types of devices or software. To work flawlessly, the device should be compatible with your car or your iOS and Android software versions. We have created a compatibility list for our user’s convenience; check the list on our website. Our products are compatible with more than 98 percent of cars and with the iPhone 6 and later versions and Android too, you have many options. So, check out the compatibility list today to get your CarPlay dongle.


Connectivity: Fast connectivity is the key to technology. We offer connections in less than 10 seconds to prioritize your time. Why be slow when we have a fast connection system? Open your car door, and your CarPlay dongle will connect your phone with CarPlay.


Fast Transmission: Our dongle uses fast WiFi for better and quicker transmission. This will help you access your system quickly, and transitions from one app to another won’t create trouble for you. You can use multiple features like calling, navigation, songs, etc. together.


Automatic Upgradation: Auto-upgradation of software is an important feature that should be included by any manufacturer to make the customer experience better. Always check for this feature while buying the CArPlay adaptor so it will save you multiple investments for better performance.


Support: Customer support is important when buying any new technology. If you receive confirmation from your manufacturer that they provide support in case of an emergency or issue, only then should you consider the dongle.


Warranty: One of the most prominent features required whenever you buy a gadget is its repair and exchange policy. A warranty will save you money and also help you in case the dongle does not work properly.


Price: Always check that the features and the price offered are worth each other.


We offer a reasonable price and our dongles are compatible with more than 600 car models manufactured after 2016. The transmission frequency is 5 or 5.8 GHz, which will transmit data in seconds. Open the door, and our dongle will connect your car to your phone quickly. We have created the best CArPlay dongles for an experience you have never had before on your journey.






Carplay dongles are the technology of the future. In the upcoming years, the automobile industry will be completely automated. Why do you have to wait for that? Buy your CarPlay dongle today and transform your car into a wireless one.


Choose the best carplay suitable for your needs and you will have a different experience. Ottocast always tries to provide the best carplay dongles and has now also integrated YouTube and Netflix for your entertainment.


We know that you love your car and we love your safety. Get your Carply dongle today and enjoy a ride that is safe, wireless and filled with technology.




Q:How can I connect my Android Carplay dongle or Apple Carplay dongle with my car?

Answer: If your car is equipped with wired CarPlay, you can easily connect the dongle through your USB portal. There is no need for installation or any other equipment.

Q:What is the average cost of a CarPlay dongle?

Answer: The cost of the CarPlay dongle depends on the features you opt for. Usually, it ranges from 7K to 40K on average.

Q:Do I need to buy a new version of the CarPlay dongle?

Answer: Our CarPlay dongle comes with an auto-upgradation feature, which means whenever we update the software, it will automatically reflect at your end and you can use the same dongle with better features.

Q:Is every car compatible with the CarPlay dongle?

Answer: Our dongles are not compatible with BMW and Skoda. These are compatible with more than 600 cars manufactured after 2016. You can check the compatibility list for the product on our website.

Q:How can I get my CarPlay dongle?

Answer: Ottocast offers free delivery worldwide. All you need to do is go to our website, select the product you need and add your address and payment. We will ship the product to your place. The time requirement depends on the distance.










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