Recommending the newly launched product CarPlay AI Box: OttoAibox P3

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the two essential technological advancements introduced in today’s vehicles. These two cool and attractive features do not require a wired connection as compared to earlier situations. 


CarPlay AI Box makes this possible for the vehicle’s owners. They can connect their mobile phones wirelessly with their car’s infotainment systems. This kind of device can easily be plugged into your car’s USB port. 


Using your phone’s Bluetooth, it can easily connect your iPhone wirelessly to your CarPlay. Here in this article, you may get to know about the CarPlay AI Box, its uses and features, and what new specifications you can get in the newly launched CarPlay AI Box by Ottocast

CarPlay AI Box: What is it?

One of the most useful things about Carplay AI Box is that it gives users inbuilt apps, including Netflix and YouTube. You and your family can enjoy your favourite videos or shows easily on the car’s infotainment system. 


This device allows the users to get the necessary features like YouTube and Netflix at a great price with AI Box. It can be hugely convenient for you when you step in and step out of your car using a CarPlay AI box. 


The main function of AI Box is to connect your phone and your car wirelessly. In order to make the connection, CarPlay AI Box uses your phone’s Bluetooth feature. These apps turn your car’s infotainment system into a display and are further used for various purposes. You can use it to navigate Google Maps or Apple Maps, answer calls, and many other things. 


All these features can easily be accessible wirelessly through the Carplay AI Box. The only thing you need to do is to connect the AI Box to your car. There is no need to connect your Android or iPhone to your car’s infotainment screen if you have this device. 


Thus, enabling CarPlay requires your phone to connect with AI Box, and you’re all set. 


Why do you just need a Wireless connection with a CarPlay AI Box?


CarPlay AI Box is a wireless device that comes with its own interface that works best in your car’s infotainment system. If you choose the wireless CarPlay AI Box, it gives an extra level of confidence. 


In order to use the CarPlay AI Box, you need to connect your phone first with this device. There is no need to connect your phone once you get into your car after its first connectivity. One thing you need to ensure is that your phone isn’t connected to any other device via Bluetooth. 


If you want to use your CarPlay, then you do not need to plug your phone into the AI box every time. Having this kind of device installed in your car can make a huge difference. You just don’t need to spend a lot of time getting meddle with wires and cords. 


CarPlay AI box can offer you great convenience if you spend a lot of time in your car. 


What Features do you get from CarPlay AI Box?

There are different types of CarPlay AI Boxes available these days. Ottocast is a leading developer of CarPlay AI Box that offers a variety of features and uses to its customers. 


Here, you’ll get to know the latest recommendation of CarPlay AI Box by Ottocast. Before that, you should know many people prefer this device for their CarPlay or Android Auto.


Get built-in Netflix and YouTube apps on your device:

It can be an added bonus to get both YouTube and Netflix apps on your car’s infotainment screen. This can all be possible using CarPlay AI Box, which has built-in Netflix and YouTube apps. 


You can find these apps in the user interface. These are the independent apps available in the AI box itself and are not part of CarPlay or Android Auto. While driving in your car, you can easily use these options rather than using the CarPlay option. 


One thing you should know is that these apps do not require an internet connection. The reason is that these apps are individual apps that are easily available with your CarPlay AI Box. 


Users can also get in-built Wi-Fi features in their AI Box. This allows them to use YouTube and Netflix apps on their CarPlay via mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi. In addition to this, users can even play videos or listen to music using these in-built apps. 


Tip: Make sure to focus on your driving if you’re on a long road trip instead of using your CarPlay much. 


Why should you go with Wireless CarPlay AI Box?

  • Convenience to the users:As you know, CarPlay AI Box provides great features to its users with its standards and capabilities. This device has the ability to turn your wired connection into a wireless for a seamless user interface. 


Thus, every car owner should consider this CarPlay AI Box if they’re tired of dealing with wires and plugs every time after getting into their car. 


They just need to pull this device to their phones via Bluetooth, and they’re all set to use it frequently in their cars. This thing can save a lot of time and provide a great convenience every time they enter their car. 


  • Entertainment purposes:CarPlay Ai Box adds the great advantage of using Netflix and YouTube apps within their cars. Through these features, you and your family members can get a chance to use these entertainment apps on a long road trip. 


  • Service and Technological Innovation of CarPlay AI Box:This standalone computer device works both on your Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When it comes to its installation, you just need to take your AI Box and then connect it to your car’s USB port.


This thing will provide you with an interactive Carplay interface so that you can enjoy everything on your car’s infotainment system. 


CarPlay gives you an opportunity to download multiple apps from the App Store and Google Play Store. These apps allow you to stream videos on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more. You can even play your favorite games like Candy Crush and more. 


All of these features can easily be accessible wirelessly on your Android Auto or CarPlay display screen. In this way, you can also get access to your local media files that can be connected using an HDMI display. 


Installing the CarPlay AI Box can be the best option for those people who may have to wait for their EV to charge and wait for a longer period of time. They can utilize their time while streaming videos on their car’s display screen using this CarPlay AI Box. 


The user interface of CarPlay AI Box: CarPlay AI box gives its users the best driving experience. Anyone can experience the benefits of using AI Box in their Android Auto or Carplay. Just connect your phone once using its adapter to access all its features. 


You’ll get the ultimate experience wirelessly while using CarPlay or Android Auto. This device enables user satisfaction by increasing the speed of its software processing. It minimizes the errors, delays, and stalls through its fast quad-core processor. 


Recommending the newly launched CarPlay AI Box By Ottocast


Ottocast has announced its latest CarPlay AI Box, which is going to launch on September 12 with its pre-sale offers on its website. There are lots of features that customers can get from the OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box. To get more information about the product’s specifications and shipping, visit our page.


Ottocast’s brand-new OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box has versatile and sleek features. This OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box is an upgraded version of the Picasou series. 

An Introduction about OttoAibox P3

OttoAibox P3 is perfect for factory car infotainment systems. This AI box has an inbuilt wired Apple CarPlay. This device can turn your wired into a wireless Standalone Android system. 


One of the most effective things about the OttoAibox P3 AI Box is that it can be used for both Wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play. In addition to this feature, you can get increased satisfaction, convenience, and connectivity.


Features of OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box:

  1. Smooth and Flexible:Provides an upgraded version with its latest design for the users.
  2. Get a clear view on the go:With OttoAibox P3, you can display the monitor on the dashboard. 
  3. Customized Homepage features:Using Its UI, users can customize their homepage and different apps on it. 
  4. Increase the Power:Users can easily switch between OttoDrive2.0, Android Auto, and CarPlay.
  5. Instant Updates:This device gives you all the latest updates, which makes the system fresh and simple. 
  6. High-end Technology:This CarPlay provides industry-leading efficiency that includes memory of 8+128 GB. 

It works seamlessly in Android 12 and above. 

  1. Variable Interface:OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box gives you more features and options with its amazing upgraded UI version. 
  2. Split-screen options:It also has a feature that allows you to split screen(3:7, 7:3, and 5:5). 
  3. User-friendly Interface:This AI Box gives a seamless user interface for a better driving experience. 
  4. Control Center:Get all the features and information in a single place.
  5. Uses:It can be used for family outings, camping, and commercial purposes. 

Car Ambient light features: You can get multiple lighting modes with this device, including breathing, musical, running, gradient, and a lot more.


Compatibility of OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box:

  • This device is perfect for those vehicles with factory-wired Carplay from the year(2012-2022), not for Sony aftermath head-unit and BMW vehicles. 
  • Both Android and iPhone users can easily access this device. Even multiple devices can easily connect to this CarPlay AI Box. 
  • Highly-Compatible with both Android 11 and IOS 10 or above in both Samsung and Google mobile phones. 


Important Tip: Make sure to enter your car model when placing the order from Ottocast

Other Necessary Features of OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box:

  • OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box features an amazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-core with a size of 64-bit 11 nm and up to 2.0 GHz.
  • This device has an expandable memory of up to 256 GB with 2G/3G/4G LTE Nano SIM cards supported. 
  • It also comes with Dual-band WI-Fi with a speed of 2.4 GHz+5 GHz. 
  • OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box is also compatible with hands-free calling and audio streaming for both iPhone and Android phones. It also supports a remote controller and external BT mousse that can be connected via Bluetooth. 
  • When it comes to power input, it gives USB 5V~1A. It has an operating temperature of 30~75℃ and dimensions of 80*80*18 mm.


The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box provides a unique way to enjoy multiple apps and, all of them in one place. These apps are specially designed to deliver the seamless user experience that they all want in modern apps while sitting in their cars. 


In order to get streamlined connectivity, you just need to plug the device into your car. One of the amazing things you get from this device is its built-in GPS feature. You can easily customize its GPS features in different kinds of layouts to suit your needs and requirements.


If you’re looking to buy the upgraded version of the CarPlay AI Box, then go visit our website, “Ottocast,” to enjoy the amazing features of OttoAibox P3. 


There are several others Carplay Wireless options offered by the Ottocast to its customers includes CarPlay adapters and applications. With all these amazing functions and features, users can get them easily in their car’s display screens.


Is the OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box worth it?

OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box

Yes, it is highly useful to go with this smart CarPlay AI Box. OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box is one of the most useful options for those who’re looking for a wireless CarPlay adapter for your Android Auto or CarPlay. This Carplay AI Box allows its users to stream videos on Netflix, YouTube, and lots more with its built-in features. 


This wireless CarPlay adapter includes all the essential features that you want in any CarPlay AI model. One of the good things about the CarPlay adapter is that it allows you to switch easily between CarPlay, OttoDrive 2.0, and Android Auto at any time. 


Additionally, OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box comes with a decent price range and enables you to save a lot of money with its built-in app features and other functionalities. 


Winding Up

It can be a fascinating thing to have so many features in a single and compact CarPlay AI Box. While sitting in traffic, you get lots of interesting things to do if you connect the CarPlay AI Box with your car’s infotainment system. 


Ottocast’s CarPlay AI Box would be an attractive purchase if you want to entertain your children on long road trips or while waiting in traffic. This amazing car stereo system allows you to watch anything on your car’s infotainment system. 


For added safety, please avoid watching and using any type of Carplay AI Box while driving. 


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