How to install carplay on mercedes?

If we can utilize our iPhone with car play while driving it would be a safer and smarter idea. We can listen to our selected music, send and receive messages, and directions. It would be visible in the connected display. With Apple CarPlay, you can control things by using your voice. However, Android Auto is also functional with Mercedes-Benz cars. That also allows us to have a great experience with Android Smartphones. Here we will discuss how to install CarPlay in Mercedes.

CarPlay Compatibility with Mercedes

Mercedes Benz CLA, CLS, E-Class Coupe, SLC, and GLE Coupe models are compatible with Apple CarPlay. E-Class Sedans, Wagon, and Cabriolet. Mercedes Benz SUVs are also eligible with this system. Apart from that, 2016 models of Mercedes Benz like A-Class, GLA-Class are also compatible with Apple CarPlay.

But to understand if your model is eligible or not, you have to visit the manufacturer's website to see if there is a compatibility list. Then verify the system requirements. From the website you have to verify the model that you want to use. For troubleshooting, please launch the desired model's compatibility troubleshooter. You can also update the drivers and applications of the system. Please keep in mind that you are selecting for the desired model.

Preparation for Installation

Tools and Materials Needed

The following equipment and accessories are required to install CarPlay in a Mercedes-Benz:

Make sure the head unit on your Mercedes-Benz is compatible with CarPlay. If not, you have to replace it with a suitable one.

In order to use CarPlay first you have to connect your iPhone with the vehicle's head. You have to find a high-quality USB cable to install CarPlay.

To safely remove panels or covers you have to find trim removal tools to reach the head unit. But it depends upon the model of Mercedes-Benz you drive.

Also, we have to find a screwdriver. So, to take out any screws of the head unit or trim panels you have to arrange this.

A socket set is required to remove the bolts or nuts holding the head unit or trim panels.

Preliminary Steps

You have to understand how to set up carplay in Mercedes. First you have to ensure safety before starting the installation process. CarPlay in your Mercedes-Benz is important to prevent accidents or damage to your vehicle.

We are moving to how to set up apple carplay on Mercedes. Before starting any work on your vehicle's system, you have disconnected the battery. It will help you to prevent accidental shocks. If you're working indoors or in a garage, please ensure proper ventilation.

Please wear appropriate protective gear. If you're working under the vehicle, we all have to protect your knees.

 Installation Options

Factory Upgrade

So, if you required a factory upgrade for CarPlay in your Mercedes-Benz, follow the steps:

First, we have to verify compatibility of the model. Then we have to understand if the model and year of the car is eligible for a factory upgrade. CarPlay is not compatible with every Mercedes-Benz. It basically varies according to your car's model.

Then we have to Get in touch with the Mercedes-Benz team. There we can learn more about CarPlay updates. Also, we can get the details about the upgrade's availability, cost of that particular model.

We have to stay connected with the dealership. We can share them model no, year and vehicle identification number. From there it will help us to know the exact version needed for that device.

Aftermarket Installation

The car you are taking first checks your car is compatible with the CarPlay unit.
 Search for a CarPlay device that allows you to connect your iPhone seamlessly. For physical USB cable connection, we have to think there is more flexibility required.

Mercedes-Benz's approved CarPlay retrofit kit is necessary for the next step. Because these kits are made especially for specific cars. So, their compatibility and integration are the main point. Original equipment and parts from the manufacturer are necessary.

How to install carplay in Mercedes? First use a USB cord to connect your iPhone to the console. Keep in mind that the USB port on your car has smartphone integration. When you connect your iPhone for the first time, select Connect from the screen's menu. Then choose auto connect from the screen.

Then we will discuss how to install apple carplay in Mercedes. Please make sure the car is on. Use an original USB cable that has been approved. Then connect an iPhone to the center console's USB port.

Then from the screen menu, try Connect. On the screen, select Automatically. Make sure the iPhone is visible by opening the settings and select the Bluetooth. Select Phone on the Mercedes-Benz screen, then Connect your device.

Setup and Configuration

Setting Up CarPlay in Mercedes

Let’s understand how to add carplay to Mercedes. We can do the set-up Apple CarPlay in a Mercedes-Benz by using a USB cable or wirelessly:

First locate the USB port in the console. Then plug one end of a USB cable into the port. The other end should be into your iPhone. On the screen, select Connect from the menu. Select Automatically from the settings. But if you are connecting to a different phone, select it manually. Then in your Apple device, select allow to proceed.

First open your iPhone's Settings and go to Bluetooth. Please make sure your phone is visible. On the car's screen, select Phone and then connect the device. Then connect to a new device if you are connecting it for the first time. Then Select your iPhone from the screen. Enter the passcode to connect your phone to the screen’s display. Now allow your iPhone to copy data seamlessly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

So, if you think Apple CarPlay isn't working in your Mercedes first you have to turn off and restart your iPhone. Also, you have to start again with Mercedes' infotainment system. Then you can update the software to install the latest iOS and Mercedes firmware versions. Or you can reset your connection by deleting existing iPhone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and hotspot connections.

You can also check the cables. Please make sure the USB cable is working properly. You can also check the cable by plugging it with another device. You can understand if it is faulty or not.

Also make sure CarPlay is on in your iPhone's Settings. Then check that Siri is enabled. If you are using a wireless connection, try on your Bluetooth in your iPhone.

You can also reset Apple CarPlay. First open the Settings app then select General, thereafter go to CarPlay. You will find your car; next you have to click on Forget This.


Apple CarPlay offers a safer and more efficient way to use our iPhone. While driving, Apple CarPlay can improve your experience by providing services. It helps us to use the built-in display in our car to access iPhone functions. In that we can find offerings like entertainment, communication, and navigation. So, to connect the phone on your Mercedes-Benz's display, Next choose a connected device. After that you will find the name of your device on the screen. Now select your iPhone to complete the process.



- Can I install CarPlay in any Mercedes model?

Yes, we can install CarPlay in any Mercedes Benz vehicles. But models which are manufactured after 2016 will be eligible for Apple CarPlay only.

- What is the cost of adding CarPlay to a Mercedes?

It will cost somewhere around ₹55,000 to ₹100,000 for adding CarPlay to a Mercedes. Basically, it depends upon the model and features.  In W205 C Class it will be ₹85,000 to upgrade the package with 64 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, and an Android touchscreen. In C Class W204 to update bolt-on media it will cost you around ₹55,000.

- How do I switch between CarPlay and the native Mercedes system?

First press the home button or select the option in the CarPlay home screen. Then exit the CarPlay and return to the original system. This will help you to take back to your Mercedes-Benz system's home screen.

- Can CarPlay be used without an internet connection?

Basically, CarPlay requires an internet connection to use Siri. Otherwise, you won't be able to stream music and mapping services. But CarPlay can work without a WiFi antenna.

- What should I do if CarPlay isn’t working after installation?

First connect to a new USB port using a separate USB cord. But for that your connection is wired. If you have a wireless connection, confirm that Auto connect is enabled. Then turned-on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.



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