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Ottocast is known for making some of the most popular and well-reviewed CarPlay accessories on the market. The company is now taking things to the next level with the debut of the OttoAibox P3, which brings wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to any car as well as its own robust built-in operating system with an ecosystem of dedicated apps. Additionally, Ottocast offers the OttoAibox i3 BMW CarPlay AI Box and the Car TV Mate to further enhance your in-car entertainment experience.

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Commuters and car enthusiasts can't live without CarPlay or Android Auto, but the pre-installed UI has its limitations. Ottocast looks to remove those limits with solutions designed to expand your in-car experience.
We explore what Ottocast is all about, some of their in-car solutions that make driving more enjoyable, and what makes their latest product, the AIBox P3, so great.

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The Ottocast U2-X Pro revolutionizes in-car technology by wirelessly enabling Android Auto and CarPlay in vehicles with only wired CarPlay, like the 2019 Toyota C-HR. It stands out for its adaptability, supporting both Android and iOS devices, making it a versatile choice for households with diverse technology preferences. Its affordability, coupled with occasional discounts, offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive infotainment system upgrades.

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