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Have you ever wondered about buying a device for your vehicle that can give access to various entertainment applications such as Netflix and YouTube over your wireless connection with your iPhone or Android? OTTOCAST has launched the best wireless CarPlay adapter with Netflix as well as YouTube and streaming media. It allows you to wirelessly stream your preferred videos, podcasts, and movies from your phone into your infotainment system. This wireless adapter is powered from the USB port in your automobile and the set-up barely takes 10 seconds. The magic of functionality these adapters bring to the car is mind-blowing.



Why buy a Wireless CarPlay for Videos ?


Many no-name generic wireless adapters are facing issues such as frequent disconnections, delayed response, and lag in video playback when using video applications. While reading this may sound weird and a little silly but while driving on busy roads if the navigation stops it becomes tiring. However,  wireless CarPlay adapters for videos have a user-friendly interface that possesses a smooth-flowing menu on the home screen, and every model is much more steadfast than the previous offers. Every CarPlay adapter from OTTOCAST offers faster response time with no lag and consistent streaming of Netflix and YouTube. These have a straightforward installation process to follow. Once the adapter is connected to your car’s USB port, you have to select the unit from its Bluetooth, after this a lovely interface will pop up immediately. Just enter your Wi-Fi credentials and link the internet to your car, and you are good to go. Many people prefer using built-in apps such as YouTube, YouTube Music, and Netflix whereas the video playback experience is the same as watching it on a TV.  Wireless CarPlay adapter supports the streaming service wirelessly because your vehicle may not have an info-entertainment system that does or handles every type of media and entertainment. These adapters will turn your info-entertainment into high-end entertainment systems and support streaming of YouTube and Netflix. OTTOCAST offers many different models of wireless CarPlay that can play videos, in this article we will discuss a few.

We can say with confidence thatwireless CarPlay makes really good wireless adapters for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A product that needs to be highlighted and showcased is called the Play2Video Wireless CarPlay which is a multimedia adapter that will take a wired CarPlay and make it wireless but in addition to that it will also give you the accessibility to YouTube and Netflix. This product is highly recommended if you are hunting for a great touchscreen application. A lot of people love to go camping and it's helpful if you can zone out for a little break and watch YouTube or Netflix movies. This Play2Video is compatible with vehicles with factory-wired CarPlay.

When you unbox the Play2Video Wireless CarPlay adapter you will notice that it is super sleek and fits into the palm of your hand and it doesn’t take much space so you can keep it anywhere in your car. When you unbox this product, you will see there’s a carbon fiber textured pattern on the top. Both sides of the adapter have ventilation holes for passive cooling of the chipset inside the device. On one end of the dongle, there is a USBC input port to power the dongle and on the other side, there are status indicator lights and a USBA port for USB media playback and firmware updates. Setting up the wireless CarPlay is super easy. USB type C connects to the car, and when the LED indicator powers on the red light flashes slowly. When the connection is successful; it turns blue, and when it updates there’s a green light that flashes rapidly. You get two different wires; one is the traditional USB that goes into most cars and a USB with type C if you have a newer can that doesn’t have a wireless CarPlay or Android Auto, so it means you get a USB-C to USB-C and older USB-A to USB-C. This device has wireless mirroring and that works pretty awesome on the screen.

Many other CarPlay dongles freeze the screen, which means while driving when you using a Map or music is playing the screen becomes static. However, with Play2Video Wireless CarPlay you will never have to face this issue. Another very convenient feature is that you can also use this port to trickle charge your phone but it won't pass through CarPlay or Android auto-wired.

Play2Video all-in-one wireless adapter from OTTOCAST is a wired CarPlay adapter that features both wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. It also allows you to playback YouTube and Netflix content as well as cast videos from your mobile phone onto your CarPlay display. When you plug in the dongle for the first time it will get you into its main menu interface in around 20 seconds. The main landing screen has a modern panel menu interface that’s built on top of a closed custom Android 8 operating system. There are four panels in the top section of the screen, the left two are reserved for launching both Netflix or YouTube apps, and to the right there are also two panels, the first is a Bluetooth and USB media playback control panel and the second is a panel of quick icons to launch Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, screencast and TV projection. Along the bottom is a row of additional function buttons for Bluetooth connection, listening to Bluetooth audio, and browsing local and USB files. You will also find video and audio USB playback settings and return to the CarPlay system menu. You can connect to the hotspot easily, and with the adapter online you jump into either of the two major video streaming apps.

Both Netflix and YouTube run very well on this adapter having a 6658-core CPU running at 1.5 gigahertz. You will find built-in apps for Netflix and YouTube in this Play2Video wireless CarPlay adapter making it very convenient to use. However, if you wish to explore and download apps from the Google Play store or run other alternative video streaming apps on your CarPlay display then the better option of buying an AI box is for you.  If you just need a wireless CarPlay adapter with Netflix and YouTube and casting from your iPhone then this can be the right adapter for you.

Wireless CarPlay has flagship products like U2-PLUS CarPlay AI BOX with Android 9.0 for factory-wired CarPlay vehicles and after-market receivers. So, it is an Android-style MMB system for your infotainment in your car. What this means is when you plug in the little device into your car, you’ll get full Android running on your infotainment system. It converts your existing CarPlay system into an Android 9.0 operating system that allows you to run many Android apps from the Google Play app store including streaming videos and movie apps from Netflix and YouTube as well as TV apps and games. This dongle also has dual functionality for CarPlay functionality so you can jump between both Android OS and wireless CarPlay platforms without disconnecting the dongle.

In the box, you get the U2-smart Android 9.0 AI itself, a welcome card, and a user manual. If you compare this unit with other ones, it is slightly thinner and sleek. It also has a dark black shiny casing with a white logo on top and above there is a hidden car smart logo that lights up underneath when the dongle is powered on. It has a USB-C output port for connecting its bundled USB cable and there’s a USB input port for connecting to any USB media, charging, or adding any extra peripherals to it. So first you should always, load and boot into the Home screen so that we can get it connected. Once you are on the Android OS, you get a safety warning sign that you can turn off later. When you land on the Android OS, you will notice that the interface is quite simple to use. The general default apps you will see on your screen are CarPlay to go back into the CarPlay, Phonecast, Themes, BT phone, BT Music, Version, Google Play, Settings, USB drive, YouTube, Netflix, Google Maps and many more. Once you have connected your phone to CarPlay via hotspot, the phonecast option lets you do things like viewing YouTube, TikTok, etc.

If you rotate your phone on the landscape view it will play on the actual play itself. Things like Netflix for example won't work over screen mirroring just because Apple blocks it. So, what you would do alternatively, you will fire up Netflix on the actual dongle itself which is the Android app.  Firstly, to use a wireless CarPlay adapter with YouTube or Netflix you will need to sign into your Netflix account and you will experience the same what you expect on an Android tablet. Also, you can allow picture-in-picture mode for the apps if you want to. All the above put together means that function-wise wise OTTOCAST U2-PLUS CarPlay AI BOX wireless CarPlay adapter is the best product in the market.

The additional HDMI input and output enable you to not only connect to an external display but you can also receive input from media streaming boxes and games console hardware transforming your car into a total entertainment hub.

If you are asking yourself which adapter to choose, if video streaming entertainment is a must for you then both Picasou 2 adapters allow streaming of video content for apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, and Hulu ensuring you never get bored whilst charging your EV car or if you’re just simply waiting in the car for long period. Picasou 2 also boasts good looks and its sleek round design is accompanied by an adjustable dynamic ambient light which adds more flare to your car’s interior. For the ultimate entertainment and expandability, we have the Picasou 2 Pro which has a more sedate and sophisticated black rectangular shape radiating a sense of power and modernity. The Picasou 2 series introduces Android 10 integration, SIM card support, local media playback, and the Qualcomm 6658 core chipset that gives adequate performance for the majority of tasks that you’ll be doing in the car. Whilst Picasou 2 brings versatility and the entire Android platform whereas the Picasou 2 Pro has enhanced connectivity and display options. Hence, this is the flagship lineup of OTTOCAST CarPlay adapters for videos with their best features and performances.


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