Phone Charging but CarPlay Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide


Compatible Devices and Requirements


If iPhone charging but CarPlay not working this is one of the issues. This is a frequent problem for many people and might be annoying. The problem may occur for a number of reasons such as malfunctioning of software, faulty cables, or unforeseen compatibility issues. To prevent this from happening we recommend that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone. Make sure to update and apply them quickly to avoid issues with your mobile device.


Another vital aspect to keep in mind is the support for the infotainment system by your vehicle. Some car models may have special conditions or software updates to use Apple CarPlay. In such a case, if your iPhone is charging but CarPlay is not working, the problem can perfectly be associated with the outdated firmware in the car’s system. Check the car manual or call a mechanic for any fix that may solve the problem.

iOS Version

The compatibility of the Apple CarPlay depends on the iOS version your iPhone is running. However, several customers have complained that they experience CarPlay not working but the phone is charging problems after the upgrade to new iOS software such as iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS 17. If this problem occurs try to check forums or Apple’s support site for bugs associated with such iOS versions as yours. Occasionally hard reset by rebooting your iPhone or simply resetting your network settings.




Necessary Accessories

USB Cables

USB cables may be faulty or incompatible and hence CarPlay may not work on Apple devices. When charging, use the original Apple cable to prevent overheating, and remember to use the correct port for CarPlay. Certain cars may also have dedicated USB ports for CarPlay.

Wireless Adapters (if applicable)

Some specific cases may apply to those who employ wireless adapters. If your phone charging but CarPlay not working  iOS 16 or phone charging but CarPlay not working iOS 17 – The adapter may not be compatible with the latest iOS updates. Wireless adapters require both hardware and software support, so the latest firmware should be installed for the adapter. This allows you to simply restart your iPhone and the adapter which fixes the issue of CarPlay not working.




Common Causes of CarPlay Issues

Incompatible Devices

One of the reasons explaining why exactly your phone is charging but Apple CarPlay not working is simply device compatibility. Apple CarPlay is not available on all iPhones or car systems, particularly in older models. If the issue of Apple CarPlay not working but the phone is charging happens to you make sure that your car and iPhone models are compatible. Furthermore, if your iPhone supports CarPlay, check whether there are any features that are only compatible with certain iOS versions such as iOS 15, 16, or 17.

Faulty Cables

Another possible reason why your iPhone is charging but CarPlay not working is a faulty or incompatible cable. Apple  CarPlay also requires a high-quality USB cable, preferably the OEM Apple  cable. In case you see that Apple CarPlay isn’t working but the phone is charging you may want to change the cable to a certified one if possible. Third-party cables can be used for charging but rarely support the needed data transfer for CarPlay to work.

Software Glitches

Another reason why my CarPlay is not working is due to software malfunction. At times iOS also generates bugs that can cause problems in the use of CarPlay. If CarPlay won’t connect to iPhone or iMac or CarPlay Not Working: 5 Solutions, check Apple  iOS 15 or 16 updates and reset network settings.

Connection Problems

This could also be because of connection issues and this is why your iPhone is charging but CarPlay is not working. Make sure your iPhone is CarPlay enabled and that the car has an appropriate mode to accept your device. In most cases, unplugging the car or resetting the infotainment system fixes the problem. If the phone is charging but Apple CarPlay is not working, make sure that both the car and phone settings are correct for CarPlay.




Initial Checks

Ensuring Device Compatibility

If CarPlay charging is a problem for a phone, make sure that it is compatible with the device. Ensure that your iPhone is compatible with CarPlay as certain models might not support the new features. Also, see if CarPlay is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model; some vehicles may not or may not be supported by certain software versions.

Checking iPhone Model

In case you have a problem using Apple CarPlay, check the iPhone model. It is advised to use iPhone 5 or later to experience the best performance of Apple products; however, other versions come with additional features. If you are using an older iPhone then upgrade to a compatible model for better functioning.

Checking Car Model

Apart from the compatibility of your iPhone, you must check if the car supports Apple CarPlay. Most if not all new automobiles are enabled to support CarPlay but still it is important to make sure that the type of the automobile supports CarPlay. Another possible reason for the iPhone charging but CarPlay not working is that the car model is not compatible with the newer or basic car models. Research your vehicle’s manufacturer if you are skeptical about car play features or check the owner's  manual for troubleshooting.



Verifying Software Updates

Updating iOS

There are a few steps you should take If the phone is charging but CarPlay is not working iOS 15, iOS 16, or iOS 17. First step involves you checking if the iPhone is running on the latest iOS applicable. There are usually bugs and fixes for some issues in the form of updates that are being released by Apple from time to time again and again. iPhone users just have to go to Settings > General > Software Update. Check for and install any potential updates and see if the CarPlay issue is fixed.

Updating Car Infotainment System

One of the most critical steps in fixing Apple CarPlay that is not working but the phone is charging is to update a vehicle’s infotainment system if new iOS has been launched recently. CarPlay has to be wireless and should sync seamlessly with any car entertainment system. A conflict may arise if each device has old software installed. Check your car manufacturer’s site or get in touch with them and change CarPlay to improve its performance and usability.




Checking Physical Connections

Inspecting USB Cables

It is likely that CarPlay is not working because of USB cables if your phone is charging though. Use MFi certified cables for compatibility with Apple devices. If the problem still exists then try changing the cable by interchanging cables.

Inspecting Car USB Ports

USB ports could also be the reason Apple CarPlay is not working while the phone is charging. Clean them carefully and physically inspect them to see if there is any damage that might affect how they work on the phone-car infotainment contact. Routine checks keep CarPlay operating effectively.



Troubleshooting Steps

Restarting Devices

Restarting the iPhone

When your phone is charging but Apple CarPlay not working may be a problem for you but you’re not alone. This can be annoying and it can be even worse especially when it happens in your car. The first thing you can try is Rebooting the iPhone. Observe if a simple restart helps as it will sometimes fix minor software issues that are contributing to CarPlay connection issues.


Restarting the Car Infotainment System

Restarting the Car Infotainment System can also be effective. CarPlay requires a reliable connection between your iPhone and the vehicle's infotainment system. It helps to reset any kind of connection that may have taken place regarding the CarPlay feature and restore it back. Such solutions are often helpful in overcoming the problem of phone charging but CarPlay is not working ios 15, ios 16, ios 17.




Reconnecting CarPlay

Disconnecting and Reconnecting the USB Cable

One of the easiest solutions to try if your CarPlay doesn’t work when charging is to unplug and reinsert the USB cable. At other times, a loose connection or system malfunction may lead to this issue even though there is power on your phone. Some users have fixed the issue by basically cutting off the connection and re-connecting the USB cable.

Re-pairing for Wireless CarPlay

A quick fix for the problem would be to simply re-pair your device for Wireless Carplay. This is especially if you have recently updated your iOS as doing so can lead to compatibility problems. Resetting can involve pairing your device with your car’s infotainment system to create a new connection and fix software incompatibilities. Phone charging but CarPlay not working on iOS 16 is a similar problem and it can be fixed with this solution.




Resetting Settings

Resetting Network Settings on iPhone

For the charging problems with CarPlay on iPhone, go to iPhone settings and reset the network settings. General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. This will remove Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, VPN, and APN. This can help with connectivity when the CarPlay system isn’t working right from your iPhone.

Resetting Car Infotainment Settings

Another way to solve the problem that is why my CarPlay is not working is to reset the settings on your car’s infotainment system. Faulty or misaligned iPhone or car OS is also a common problem leading to CarPlay failure. Consult your car’s manual or the manufacturer to find the instructions on how to restore the infotainment system. The process will differ from one car to another. After restoring car settings, connect the iPhone to CarPlay again to see if the issue has been solved.




Advanced Troubleshooting

Inspecting and Replacing Cables

Using Apple -Certified Cables

In cases where the phone is charging but the CarPlay is not working, it is also essential to use cables that are Apple-certified. Non-certified cables lack a necessary connection stability for CarPlay functioning. Apple’s certification ensures compatibility and reliability which mitigates the risk of connectivity problems. Data transfer is critically important for ensuring proper work with CarPlay and the use of a low-quality cable can hinder this process even if the phone is charging normally.

Testing with Different Cables

Another solution for why my CarPlay is not working is using different cables. A cable may look appropriate for charging but not for the data transfer necessary for CarPlay. Changing to another Apple brand can assist in identifying whether the problem is cable related or not. Also, do not allow the cable connection to be loose or you phone may start losing connection to the CarPlay enabled vehicle.



Checking Car Infotainment System

Inspecting System Settings

If you are experiencing CarPlay issues after upgrading to iOS 15, 16, or 17 you may want to investigate an issue with your iPhone’s Settings app, the CarPlay setting for the iPhone, the enablement of CarPlay for your iPhone, and whether or not the specific vehicle is CarPlay compatible. Sometimes CarPlay may stop working due to minor changes or compatibility problems.

Performing a System Reset

Resetting the iPhone system can also fix CarPlay, if checking settings does not help. To reset all settings: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. While most people do not consider this as a possible solution, they might be able to resolve problems such as iPhone charging but CarPlay not working.




Using an Apple  Support Tool

Apple  CarPlay Troubleshooter

If your iPhone is charging but CarPlay won’t work on your car, you should check to see if your car and iPhone are compatible with Carplay. Determine if the car’s infotainment system is compatible with CarPlay and newer generations of iOS; turn on CarPlay on an iPhone, and use a different cable or port. More diagnostics may be required for further assessment.

Diagnostics via Apple  Support App

If the problem of iPhone charging but CarPlay not working persists after the above-discussed troubleshooting steps, use Apple’s Support app to get expert help and further the diagnosis process. CarPlay users can now use the Apple Support app to fix common issues with their devices. It can run diagnostic tests, download and install software, and schedule appointments. Users are required to input their iPhone model, version of iOS, and car make and model to receive support.




Additional Solutions

Checking for Interference

Disabling Bluetooth Devices

A particular bug that can lead to Apple CarPlay not working but the phone is charging is the interference of a conflicting Bluetooth device. Similar to Android Auto, sometimes connecting multiple Bluetooth devices at once causes CarPlay to malfunction. To fix this, try disabling unneeded Bluetooth devices that are connected to your iPhone. This can help avoid any issues and successfully use CarPlay when charging your device.

Avoiding Wireless Interference

Wireless interference presents a problem for Apple CarPlay phone charging. To prevent this, keep away from active wireless devices or deactivate parts of Wi-Fi that are unnecessary when using CarPlay. This will fix the connectivity problem and help cars use CarPlay with charging.



Exploring Alternative Connections

Using Bluetooth Audio

In case your phone is charging but CarPlay is not working and in the case when you have updated to iOS 15, 16, or 17, you can consider using the Bluetooth audio otherwise. Software glitches or compatibility issues can also lead to CarPlay not working. It is possible to connect an iPhone to a car via Bluetooth to have hands-free calling and audio if CarPlay is not available on that car.

Using Auxiliary Cables

One of the ways to get around the iPhone charging but CarPlay not working is to apply the use of auxiliary cables. But if the car supports it, you can connect your iPhone directly to the AUX cable to be able to make calls and listen to music without turning on your CarPlay. This method can prove especially helpful if you have to give up on CarPlay for audio playback due to constant connection errors.




Seeking Professional Help

Contacting Apple Support

So if you are in the situation where your phone is charging but CarPlay is not working particularly after updating iPhone to iOS 15, iOS 16 or iOS 17 there are a number of fixes that you should try. First and foremost, dedicated queries to Apple support offer unique approaches. They can walk you through the settings, updates, and perhaps possible glitches with CarPlay. CarPlay may be a fixable issue with a tweak to your settings or even a software update.

Visiting an Authorized Service Center

If Apple CarPlay is not functioning correctly and your phone is being charged then it may be time to do a physical inspection. Apple Service Centers are the best places to get hardware maintenance for the problems that may be causing CarPlay. Despite the fact that they may discover that the issue is with their cable or internal parts, they can be helpful for diagnostics if you have a connectivity problem and need help re-enabling CarPlay.

Consulting Your Car Manufacturer

Sometimes this may not be a problem with the phone but with the car’s infotainment system. In this case it is recommended to contact the support of the car manufacturer. They can recommend certain compatibility solutions, system firmware for your vehicle, and recommended settings changes for CarPlay compatibility. Integration of Apple and your car manufacturer may resolve your iPhone charging but CarPlay is not a working problem.




Recap of Key Troubleshooting Steps

Let us analyze what should be done to fix your phone charging but Apple CarPlay is not a working problem. Update your iPhone and car Infotainment system to the latest versions when you are experiencing issues with iOS 15 or iOS 16. This step alone helps fix many connectivity problems as updates normally contain patches and enhancements for smooth flow of connectivity.

Ensuring a Smooth CarPlay Experience

If you expect to have a smooth Apple CarPlay experience then check the cable you are using to connect your iPhone to your car’s USB port. Using defective or incompatible cable can limit CarPlay despite the fact that your phone is charging but CarPlay is not working. Use MFi-certified cables for safety. Also, ensure that your car supports CarPlay and that it is turned on in your car settings. A quick switch of the CarPlay feature sometimes helps to reconnect.

Final Tips for Maintaining Connectivity

Therefore, to avoid iPhone charging but CarPlay not working, it is important to refrain from drivers like the application that runs on the iPhone in the background. Background activities may consume resources and affect the internet connection. Additionally, from time to time reboot your iPhone and the car’s EPB so as to reset the system and remove any bugs that may have been causing the problem. If you follow these steps your Apple CarPlay experience should cause no interruption.





Why is My CarPlay Not Working Even Though My Phone is Charging?

CarPlay connectivity problems may be attributed to software incompatibility, faulty cables, and misconfigurations. Updating all systems and the use of a compatible cable will solve most of the issues.

How Do I Know If My Car is Compatible with CarPlay?

CarPlay compatibility can be checked in the car’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. It is to be noted that modern cars usually have CarPlay incorporated into them but there are some older cars which may require an aftermarket solution.

Can a Faulty USB Cable Cause CarPlay to Stop Working?

Yes, an incorrect or incompatible USB cable is one of the reasons why CarPlay may not work. An MFi-certified cable for data is preferred for high-quality connection.


What Should I Do If CarPlay Works Intermittently?

Try the same with iPhone and car rebooting as well as updating the software version. Additionally, loose connections or software conflicts should also be checked.


Is Wireless CarPlay Available for All Vehicles?

Wireless CarPlay is a car-specific feature and depends on the car model. CarPlay can be enabled wirelessly in newer cars but is not on all cars.



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