Motorcycle CarPlay Recommendations- What do you need to know?

Many drivers prefer the ride on their two-wheelers only. But what comes to your mind first when it comes to a two-wheeler ride?

Safety on the roads is the primary concern for the riders as there are an increasing number of road safety issues. One such reason for the problems with two-wheelers is the management of their important calls, notifications, and messages on smartphones. Thanks to modern technology like motorcycles CarPlay offers the best benefits of smartphone management and other features to riders. 

So today, let us understand some of the key motorcycle CarPlay recommendations followed by some basic details. These cover an overview of CarPlays for motorcycles, features, benefits, best options, and a quick guide for selecting the best device.

What is a motorcycle CarPlay?

A motorcycle CarPlay is an innovative device offering large screen benefits to the smartphone users on a motorcycle. It is a modern gadget that takes care of the leading notifications from smartphones, and use of other apps comfortably.

Ottocast is one of the leading wireless CarPlay adapter brands offering several motorcycle CarPlay units. It helps in ensuring affordability in the use of modern technology. Let us understand the key benefits of using these devices.

Benefits of motorcycle CarPlay unit

Like the car owners, motorcycle owners can now enjoy the benefits of CarPlay devices. Below are some of the key advantages of using motorcycle CarPlay:

  • Hands-free operations
  • Firstly, the essence of CarPlay is to enable hands-free operations. The easy-to-use touch screen of the CarPlay units ensure that motorcycle riders can manage their phone operations.

    It is easy for the motorcycle CarPlay users to link their iOS or Android units to the CarPlay devices. Hence, all the smartphone calls, messages, and essential notifications are shown to the rider on the CarPlay screen.

  • Helps in navigation

  • Imagine you’re travelling to a new place and require detailed navigation tips. While it is not comfortable to take out your smartphone over the time again, CarPlay can help you here.

    It offers precise location details using maps and other navigation apps. Hence, there is no need to seek help from different sources in navigation when you’ve a dedicated motorcycle CarPlay unit.

  • Third-party app integration

  • It is easy for the CarPlay users to integrate any third-party apps with their devices. All you need to do is download the application based on the existing operating system of the CarPlay.

    Hence, you can quickly gain the required information from different apps without worrying about its compatibility with your CarPlay.

  • Voice assistant

  • Gone are the days when you had to rely on the touchscreen features only in the CarPlay devices. The modern motorcycle CarPlay offers voice assistant for the best comfort to the user. 

    These covers using Siri or Google Voice Assistant as these are equipped with the speakers and microphones.

  • Compatible with iOS and Android

  • A majority of the CarPlays for motorcycles are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Hence, there is no need for the users to worry about the compatibility issues as these can be quickly connected to the existing smartphone of the users.

  • Robust construction

  • The motorcycle CarPlay units have a robust construction. A strong build with IPX67 grade waterproof features makes them a go-to device in different weather conditions.

  • Automatic connectivity

  • The ease of using CarPlay ensures that even beginners can adapt to this technology. The best part is that you only need to pair CarPlay once with the motorcycle and then it connects automatically.



      Some alternatives to Ottocast motorcycle CarPlay

      After going through the top options in motorcycle CarPlay from Ottocast, let us have a quick look at some of the popular alternatives:

      • IYING Wireless CarPlay Wireless Android Auto Touchscreen for Motorcycle, Waterproof 5 Inch Touch Screen Device GPS Navigation via CarPlay/Android Auto for Motorbike, Dual Bluetooth

      It is a portable CarPlay for motorcycles with built-in dual Bluetooth. It has a waterproof and anti-theft design with a rugged construction. It helps in the easy enjoying of music with its 800* 480 HD IPS screen with a 5-inch screen. Users can monitor CarPlay from IYING using Siri Voice Control or Google Assistant.


      • Weuaste Portable Apple Carplay Screen for Motorcycles, Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto GPS for Motorbike, 5" IPS Touch Screen, IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Bluetooth, Support Siri, and Google Assistant

      Another option in the motorcycle CarPlay is the leading product from Weuaste. It has a five-inch IPS touch screen with IPX7 waterproof and dual Bluetooth. Further, users can go ahead with their CarPlay using Google Assistant or Sisi Voice Control.


      How to select the best motorcycle CarPlay unit for you?

      After going through the different options in the motorcycle CarPlay unit, are may get confused in selecting the best option. While the waterproof CarPlay motorcycle from Ottocast is the best, you can make your selection using the following guide:

      • Screen size

      Firstly, it is important to consider the screen size of the CarPlay for your motorcycle. It shouldn't be too large or too small for your vehicle. Further, it is important to consider the screen resolution of the CarPlay before making your decision.

      Ottocast offers an ergonomic CarPlay device design with a high resolution of up to 854* 480.

      • Waterproof features

      It is best to go with the waterproof CarPlay motorcycle devices. It aids in the seamless use in different weather conditions without impacting the rider’s experience. 

      All CarPlay for motorcycles from Ottocast come with IPX67 waterproof standards.

      • Compatibility

      Moving ahead, it is important to understand the compatibility features of the CarPlay for your motorcycles. It helps in best use based on the operating system- Android or iOS. You can quickly use Siri or Google Voice Assistant based on the compatible system of the device.

      The top products from Ottocast for motorcycles are compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

      • Easy to use

      Next, it is important to select the CarPlay for motorcycles which is easy to use by the rider. The user interface should be easy for beginners and professionals.

      All OttoCast CarPlay products come with an intuitive user interface for quick adaptation irrespective of the user’s experience.

      • Customer support

      The last thing that you want from an effective device like CarPlays for motorcycles is to get into trouble using it or installing it. So, it is best to select a product that offers dedicated customer support to the users.

      Ottocast offers professional customer support to its CarPlay buyers to optimize its features.

      • Affordability

      Last but not least, go for the affordable motorcycle CarPlay unit. Many prefer to go with the Ottocast devices as the company offers heavy sales on their best sellers. Not to miss is the free shipping to your location for optimizing your savings.

      Concluding Thoughts

      Hope everything is clear to our readers about the motorcycle CarPlay. It is an efficient device helping the two-wheeler drivers in their ride. Ottocast brings the best motorcycle CarPlay units in the world. It is easy for interested riders to get the best out of this wireless CarPlay adapter brand. We’ve mentioned the top three options from the trusted CarPlay brand- Ottocast.

      Further, you can go through a detailed guide to find the best CarPlay unit for your motorcycle. Not to miss are the quick alternatives to the high-in-demand motorcycle CarPlay. So what are you waiting for? Visit Ottocast today!


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