how to watch youtube on android auto

Can you use YouTube with android auto? I must say yes. Android Auto basically mirrors the phone's screen on the dashboard of the car. It provides access to apps like navigation, music, and messaging. It supports both touch screens as well as button-controlled units. We can do the process using voice commands. How to watch youtube on android auto? We can connect our Android smartphone to a car's infotainment system. From there we can easily use our phone's apps on the display. Anyone can manage their phone easily. YouTube also offers entertainment and a safer driving experience at the same time. YouTube on Android Auto can be a pleasing experience for passengers. During the journey it helps them to relax. Also, On the car's display both drivers and passengers can enjoy a huge range of music videos and podcasts. Additionally, without taking their hands off the wheel, drivers can listen to audio through the car's sound system. There is an option that to avoid distracting we can only play films while the car is parked.  

Installing YouTube on Android Auto

We can access lots of functions from our phone on the screen. Functions can be accessed directly on the screen of Android Auto. Features like GPS and audio controls are the key factors. Android Auto enables owners of Android phones to access apps directly on the display. Third-party apps like AutoMate, Car Dashdroid, and AutoZen are popular. These applications allow us to control music and navigation. Android Auto's main features we can say. These apps are available in the Google Play Store. They provide us with a different automobile and driving experience.

To install we have to Check Compatibility. Then try to update the Apps. Next connect Your Phone to your Car. Please open Android Auto. Then select Settings on the screen. Now Select YouTube.

The Google Play Store offers YouTube as an app for vehicles. Google predicts that it will be present in over 200 million vehicles. We can find a free multimedia software named CarStream. This mobile software helps us to view YouTube videos on the screen.

Using Third-Party Apps

We can use the following third-party Android Auto apps in place of YouTube:

Apps like Carstream or Fermata Auto also can use AA Mirror Plus. Which is an open-source audio and video player. That helps us to see YouTube without any advertisements.

To install third-party apps to Android Auto we can follow these steps:

At first go to the bottom of the screen then swipe upward. From there Choose Settings and search the app Android Auto. Select Android Auto Settings. Click on the Customized Launcher under General by swiping down. We can also add or remove apps from the launcher. To utilize the new apps, first you have to connect your phone to your car.

Though Not all Android apps work with Android Auto. but most apps that do work with Android Auto are accessible through the standard mobile app.

So, for that first examine the app's security procedures to make sure your information is secured. Look for features like frequent security upgrades, two-factor authentication. We have to examine the permissions that the app requests and requires for the app to run. Before you use the app, make sure you read its terms of service.

Watching YouTube on Android Auto

How to watch YouTube android auto? First, open the Android Auto app on your phone. You can install it from the Play Store. Then Open the Settings app and look for Android Auto. Now connect your phone to your car's infotainment system via a USB cable. Thenthe mapp should appear on Android Auto. Select the app and log into a YouTube account. Look for videos and play the video you like to play.

So how can we control the app on Android auto?

You can use keyboard shortcuts to control YouTube, such as:

To Play and pause a video click spacebar or press K. M for Mute and unmute a video. For zooming in use the Plus key. To zoom out choose Minus Key. F for exiting full-screen mode. To escape select exit full screen mode.

Playing Videos

So here we will discuss how to change the video quality settings for the YouTube app on Android:

First select Open the YouTube app. Then click on your profile photo. Go to the Settings. There you can find Video quality preferences and click. Choose a preset for both Wi-Fi and mobile network sections. Next, Select Higher picture quality for better results.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

When utilizing Android Auto, we can use different voice commands to interact with our infotainment system. First say "Hey Google, find street parking on App" or "Play Music on YouTube Music”, we can get the result.

We may speak with Google to control Android Auto in cars. Only those are compatible and eligible. For that, we can take these actions. First Select one of three options to work. For that, say "Hey Google" or choose the microphone or press and hold the voice command button. You can find it on your steering wheel. Hold it until you hear the beep sounds.

Enhancing Viewing Experience

You can select Do Not Disturb mode. To do that Use Quick Settings to quickly hide all the alerts. Then Combine daily push notifications from YouTube into a single notification. You can Turn off YouTube's vibrations and sounds at specific hours of the day. Though it can be a distraction. You can also block YouTube during study sessions. Set a timer to limit the amount of time you spend on YouTube during your session.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

To fix any short-term issues we have to restart the infotainment system in our car. We have to reinstall YouTube and Android Auto if needed. We can remove underlying software problems by clearing the cache or app data. If your YouTube isn't accessible, you can find out if your car model is compatible with Android Auto or not. You can also visit the official YouTube and Android Auto pages for help. If your YouTube isn't operational, you can clear the cache and data. To do that go to Settings then Apps, select YouTube and then Storage. Now select the Clear cache.

App Glitches

So, if your YouTube app for Android Auto is crashing then you can stop the app. For that you have to go to Settings, then Apps and pick the application now press quit. You can also delete the data and cache of the app. To do that you have to go to Settings, then Apps, click on Storage, and then select Clear Cache and Clear Data. Your login details will be deleted by doing this.

We also can do the restart for better results. To restart we have to hold down the Power button. Or we can update the app. We have to search for the update if there are any updates available or not. If the same thing happens again then verify the connectivity of your internet. Kindly check whether the internet is available or not.


Android Auto allows us to access and manage our preferred applications. That reduces distractions while we listen to audiobooks or check traffic alerts. Without checking the phone, we can also send and receive messages and make calls. Also checking our voicemails is a lot easier. We also can manage our car with Android Auto & GPS. We may watch YouTube content while driving safely. It enables us to view a range and at the same time video content on the car's display. We can find their podcasts and music videos as well. Using the car's audio system one can also listen to audio without compromising their focus from the road.


Can I watch YouTube on Android Auto directly?

Yes, you can watch youtube android auto. If the infotainment system supports you can have a wonderful entertainment experience.


Is it legal to watch YouTube on Android Auto while driving?

No, while driving, watching YouTube on Android Auto is prohibited due to safety concerns and distraction. In most countries, it is illegal to use a phone while driving a car.


How can I resolve audio sync issues with YouTube on Android Auto?

To resolve audio sync issues first you have to restart your phone or tablet. After that, we have to go to the menu then click on the settings. Under setting select video settings then choose audio. Then click on audio delay to configure different delays per audio.


What are the best third-party apps for watching YouTube on Android Auto?

The best third-party apps that can be used to watch YouTube on Android Auto are CarTube, LetsView, WheelPal, Fermata and CarStream.


How do I update Android Auto to the latest version?

First, we have to select the Google Play Store app. Then click on Android Auto. Check If there is an update available. Next, select the update option and install the most recent version.


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