How to add spotify to android auto

Compatible Devices and Requirements


Adding Spotify on Android Auto will only work when you meet the requirements, which we’ve outlined below. Smartphones running Android 6. Lollipop and Marshmallow due to the fact that the previous versions do not have phone integration with Android Auto. To avoid technical difficulties when using Spotify, make sure that the Android phone has the latest updates, enough storage space, and a stable connection to the internet in order for it to run smoothly.



It is important to ensure that your vehicle is compatible with Android Auto by checking your vehicle manual or manufacturer’s website before proceeding. It means that you can improve your car performance by using an aftermarket head unit if the factory version of your vehicle is not effective. These units are manufactured by various companies and can be easily plugged into the dashboard of your car to give you additional connectivity options by adding Spotify in Android Auto for a seamless experience.


Android Auto App

To connect your smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, download and install the Android Auto app from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions. After connecting the smartphone, users can go through the Android Auto interface to learn how to add Spotify to Android Auto. Ottocast A2Air Pro is a wireless connection through which the phone does not need any cables in order to get connected with the car system.



Necessary Software and Apps

Spotify App

Some important things are required to add Spotify to Android Auto. In order to connect Spotify with the Android Auto functionalities, you must have the Spotify mobile application on your Android device as well as the Android Auto app. This app allows your phone to integrate to your car’s infotainment system and use compatible apps while you are driving. After doing these steps for both apps, Spotify will be ready to work in your Android Auto.

Android Auto App

Next, let us explore the process of adding Spotify to Android Auto. Plug your Android device to the USB port of the car’s infotainment system. Next open the Android Auto app which shows all compatible apps like Spotify. Tap on Spotify to cast your music onto your Android Auto display, giving you a way to stream your playlists, albums, and podcasts right from your car. Listen to your music library or podcasts while driving at the same time. You can improve the car infotainment system using products such as from OttoCast for better user experience.




Setting Up Android Auto

Installing Android Auto on Your Smartphone

Wondering how to add Spotify in Android Auto? To get started you will need to sign in to Android Auto on your phone. If your car does not support Android Auto, you need to download the Android Auto app from the Google Play Store. Launch the application and read the introductory pop-up instructions on how to configure the settings and permissions. With this installation, you can have access to different apps such as Spotify using your car Infotainment systems when driving, making your drives interesting.


Connecting Your Smartphone to Your Car

With the help of Android Auto, you may connect your phone to your car. There are two primary methods to do this USB communication and wireless communication. For a USB connection, use the appropriate USB cable to connect your phone to the car’s USB port. This method is reliable and is the fastest way to learn how to add Spotify on Android Auto. If you like the use of a wireless device, check and see if your car infotainment system offers such an option. An accessory such as the Ottocast A2Air Pro might be needed to allow wireless Android Auto in older vehicles.

USB Connection

Take a USB cable and connect one end to your smartphone and the other end to the USB port of your car. The Android Auto interface should open automatically or you can choose it from the car’s menu. From here, you can access adding Spotify to Android Auto and control your music directly from the car’s touchscreen. This is highly effective and efficient as it helps your phone remain charged during travels.


Wireless Connection

A wireless connection is a good choice for those who want to use fewer cables. Make sure the smartphone and car’s infotainment system support wireless Android Auto. Devices such as the Ottocast A2Air Pro can be used to make this possible in cars that do not support this function natively. Access the car’s infotainment system and follow the setup guide to connect your phone to your car through Bluetooth. After a successful connection, the Android Auto interface, including adding Spotify to Android Auto, will show on your vehicle’s screen and will be clean and clutter-free.


Configuring Android Auto Settings

When the connection is ready, you may want to set up some Android Auto settings to improve performance. Open the Android Auto app on your smartphone and select the settings tab. This section offers options regarding app permissions, notification settings, and system features. App management has contemporary the add Spotify on Android Auto button. Customizing these settings helps to improve the experience as a driver and also make it easier to listen to your favorite music while driving.



Setting Up Spotify

Installing Spotify on Your Smartphone

Wondering how to add spotify in android auto? To use Android Auto, first make sure that your phone has the Spotify app installed. Open the Google Play Store and type “Spotify” in the search box and download. Update to the latest version of the app to ensure maximum benefit. It is important to always have Spotify because Android Auto only works with compatible apps.


Creating a Spotify Account

The process of using Android Auto to jam to your favorite songs will begin with the adding of Spotify to Android Auto. Spotify is a music streaming application that allows users to create and share music on their devices with value-added features such as personalized playlists, ad-free listening, and offline access for existing customers.


Premium vs. Free Spotify Accounts

Spotify’s Premium and Free services increase the features available to Android Auto users such as the ability to listen uninterrupted, to download the songs to listen offline, and higher quality audio. For regular users, it is best recommended to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Free features include several millions of tracks with occasional ads. The Android Auto compatibility on Spotify makes it easier to interact with music while driving. To learn more about available devices and accessories for your car check out Ottocast A2Air Pro.




Integrating Spotify with Android Auto

Launching Android Auto

To add Spotify to Android Auto, the initial step is to start Android Auto on your car’s infotainment system. Connect the phone with the car using a USB cable or wireless, then Android Auto will get started. However, if it is not, then tap on the icon on the car’s display screen. This car-friendly interface can help you use different apps to navigate and drive safely.


Accessing Spotify through Android Auto

Having installed car audio Android auto on your car and started the app, the next step of adding Spotify to Android Auto is to access the app through the interface. Android Auto shows you icons for compatible apps like Spotify if the app is on your phone. Otherwise, scroll through available apps for easy access to Spotify music service while on the go.


Finding the Spotify Icon

To find the Spotify icon, update the app and re-pair the app from your phone to Android Auto. Click to launch the Spotify service within Android Auto and browse the playlists and favorite songs. There are also advanced devices like Ottocast A2Air Pro that may offer improved connectivity while using wireless devices.


Logging into Spotify on Android Auto

To access your personalized music library and recommendations on Android Auto, find Spotify and log in. If you have logged in your smartphone with Android Auto, you will automatically sync your Spotify account too. Adding Spotify Android Auto will enable you to have a safer and more enjoyable drive with access to your favorite music when you need it. Consider using the Ottocast A2Air Pro if you are looking for establishing more wireless connection options for devices.




Using Spotify on Android Auto

Navigating the Spotify Interface on Android Auto

It is very easy to add Spotify to Android Auto and it can make your listening experience much more engaging while driving. To add Spotify to Android Auto, you first need to download and install the latest supported Spotify and Android Auto apps on your compatible Android device. With a USB cable Connect your phone to the Android Auto-compatible infotainment system in your car with a USB cable. Spotify should open up on this interface to enable you to obtain access to your playlists and albums from your dashboard.


Browsing and Playing Music

The process of browsing and playing music through the adding Spotify to Android Auto is made to be straightforward and effortless for users. Spotify on Android Auto - a guide to control your phone through the music app. You can search through your music library using the touch screen or voice via Google assistant and directly select the song you want to play without taking your hands off the wheel.


Another significant benefit of adding Spotify on Android Auto is the ease with which you can manage and use your playlist. Spotify for Android Auto enables users to access their playlists including their driving playlist by simply tapping on the playlists section on the Spotify interface. Voice commands can also be used to play a specific playlist which will enhance the convenience and safety involved with driving.



Spotify can also help you play your favorite albums on your Android Auto device. Android auto provides an easy to use interface to browse saved albums, favorites and new releases. It has a clear interface and large icons for selecting music and the experience for both categories is convenient and enjoyable



Listening to music by the desired artists is another major issue when you find out how to add Spotify in Android Auto. Spotify in android auto has an easy way to navigate and listen to the favorite artists and the songs. It also enables users to select songs by an artist using voice commands to ascertain that every drive is enjoyable and personalized. I would also like to recommend the Ottocast A2Air Pro to make their configuration even better.




Creating and Managing Playlists

Using Voice Commands with Google Assistant

Voice commands are one of the easiest ways to add Spotify to Android Auto when on the go and enjoy a hands-free music experience. To use Google assistant in car Android auto, connect your phone to the Android auto system, install the Android auto app on your smartphone as well as the Spotify app. Open Spotify and type a specific command to play certain music such as “play Discover Weekly playlist” or “play rock music”.


Playing Specific Songs

Spotify and Android Auto are making it easier to stream music using Google Assistant. This feature is especially helpful for driving the car, avoiding distraction and gaining manual control. Spotify is not only beneficial in improving the driving experience but also in the provision of music at any particular time.


Controlling Playback

Controlling playback on Spotify using Android Auto is straightforward with Google Assistant. Google's pause, skip, and previous track functions allow users to control their music without touching their phone, enhancing safety and enjoyment during driving by allowing users to pause, skip, or return to previous tracks. Ottocast A2Air Pro offers a stable, high-quality wireless connection to your car's audio system, ensuring a seamless and enhanced experience.


Searching for Music

Adding Spotify to Android Auto allows for the use of Google Assistant for music search and discovery, as well as new music and playlists recommendation capabilities that do not require users to manually navigate the application. There are also devices such as Ottocast A2Air Pro that can be utilized to help sustain the connection to enjoy the music in a proper way.




Troubleshooting Common Issues

Spotify Not Appearing on Android Auto

To solve the Spotify not showing up on Android Auto, reinstall Spotify and Android Auto apps. Old apps versions may become incompatible and may not make Spotify appear on the infotainment system in cars. To update, open Google Play Store and search and then click the “Update” button for each app. Updates ensure future enhancements are compatible with regular use.


Updating Apps

Rebooting your devices and the infotainment system will solve minor software bugs that are preventing Spotify from displaying on Android Auto. This re-establishes the connection and checks for supported programs. If the problem continues, update and reinstall Spotify to remove corrupted files.


Restarting Devices

When the issue persists despite updating the apps and restarting the devices, consider additional troubleshooting options like device compatibility with Android Auto. To connect the device with more applications you can also use powerful instruments such as Ottocast A2Air Pro. This device helps you connect your smartphone with your car infotainment system and makes the usage of Spotify and other apps easier.




Connection Problems

USB Issues

To address Spotify app recognition issues when connected via USB to Android Auto: Use a good quality USB cable that supports data transfer, check that both apps and Spotify are up to date, and reboot both phones and your car’s infotainment system.


Bluetooth Issues

Android Auto supports Spotify through Bluetooth, but any inconvenience is possible for those who prefer this method compared to USB. To fix this, set the Bluetooth settings on your phone appropriately and attempt to unpair and repair the phone connection with your car’s Bluetooth system.


Playback Issues


To access Spotify via Android Auto, you need a stable internet connection; close all running programs that are consuming data; and utilize a product like Ottocast A2Air Pro. Closing the apps ensures there is enough power for uninterrupted streaming and better connection to reduce buffering.


Skipping Tracks

Listeners of Android Auto can now listen to music in Spotify without upsetting the current song but they must update the app and clear data and cache in order to continue using the app. Turn on media controls in your car head unit and use such accessories like Ottocast A2Air Pro to keep your Spotify playing.





Recap of Key Steps

So if you’re wondering how to add Spotify to Android Auto – follow these steps. It is strongly recommended that your Android smartphone ensures Android Auto compatibility and to update or install the app. Plug your phone in using the Android Auto USB cable or pair the phone with Android Auto over Bluetooth if your car supports both. On the Android Auto app, go to both the “Apps” tab and find Spotify. Click on Spotify to install or view it on Android Auto for Android Auto to play music on the go.


Benefits of Using Spotify on Android Auto

Adding Spotify to Android Auto has several advantages. Spotify has a large collection of music, playlists, and podcasts for generating road-trip tunes. It also works perfectly with Android Auto to maintain the safety of users and let them operate Spotify via voice and in-car display. The transition from the phone to the car’s display is also beneficial.


Final Tips for a Seamless Experience

To play Spotify on Android Auto, update the Spotify and Android Auto apps and keep the connection stable through mobile data or Wi-Fi, and connect your phone to your car’s audio system with a compatible USB cable for smooth sound. With these steps and tips, it should be relatively easy for you to know how to get Spotify on Android Auto and find out why this car companion improves driving in a unique and personalized way.






Can I Use Spotify on Android Auto without a Premium Account?

Yes, it is possible to listen to music on Spotify using Android Auto with the free account but it is not as complete as a premium account.

How Do I Fix Connection Issues between My Phone and Car?

Try turning your phone and car’s infotainment system on and off, make sure Bluetooth or USB connections are turned on and correctly set, and check for software upgrades for both devices.


Why Isn't Spotify Showing Up on My Android Auto?

To fix this, make sure that your phone is compatible with Android Auto, and that Spotify is properly installed and updated.

Can I Use Other Music Apps on Android Auto?

Yes, aside from Spotify, you can use other music apps such as Google Play Music, iTunes (if you use an iPhone), Pandora, and so on on Android Auto.


How Do I Update the Spotify and Android Auto Apps?

Open Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for Spotify and Android auto apps. If there are any new versions of the application on your OS, click the “update” button next to each application to install its new version.




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