Definitive Guide on Apple CarPlay in Volvo Car | Fix Volvo Apple CarPlay Issues


Volvo car models are always a great choice when it comes to perfect, multifunctional cars. The company has released many classic cars, like SUVs, sedans, and many more.


If you are an owner of a Volvo car or willing to buy one, the must-have feature that you have to keep on your checklist is Apple CarPlay in Volvo. This function is a big yes as it is relatable to safety.


Why is CarPlay important? The answer is simple, using a phone while driving is a very dangerous act. It may create a risky situation, but CarPlay helps reduce the risk.


Ottocast has helped its users connect their phones via wireless adaptors and experience a smooth and safe ride. But to use these adaptors, the CarPlay feature is a must.


Let us explore more about the Apple CarPlay- Volvo feature and answer some important questions like compatibility, models, connection steps, etc.


 What is Apple CarPlay in a Volvo?

Apple CarPlay is a program designed by Apple that connects the iPhone to the car. This makes phone operations easy and the ride safe.


Which models support Apple CarPlay at Volvo?

If you plan to buy a Volvo car like an SUV, sedan, or wagon, then all the models after 2016 support Apple CarPlay. Whether it's the XC90, S60, V60, or V90, the newly released XC40s all have carplay support. 


How will I connect Volvo CarPlay to my phone?

Congratulations on buying a new car. But you are worried about how you will use the carplay; you are new to it and need help. It is easy to follow the steps below and use your Apple CarPlay as a link between your phone and your car.

Steps to connect the phone to a car for the first time for Volvo car play:

  1. Use the USB port with a white frame if your car has two ports and connect your iOS device to your car.
  2. All the terms and conditions will be visible on the screen. Read them carefully and click on Accept.
  3. You will see the tile with CarPlay open. All the apps are visible to you.
  4. Click on the app you want to use.
  5. The app will start working.


If you have already connected the system and require reconnection in CarPlay-Volvo, then follow the steps given:

  1. Connect the iOS system to your car via a USB port. In the case of two USP prototypes, use the one with a white frame.
  2. If you select automatic start from the setting, you can see the name of the device that was connected. In such cases where the home view is visible while connecting an iOS device, the tile is visible automatically.
  3. If you cannot see the tile view after connection, click on the device name. The subview will open. Now you see the list of compatible apps.
  4. Click on Apple Carplay in the app view section if any app is active on the same tile.
  5. Now carPlay will open the tile and show the list of compatible apps.
  6. Click on the app you want to use.
  7. The app will start working.

Requirement for connection: If you want to use Apple CarPlay-Volvo, then you need to activate Siri on your iOS device and require an internet connection, which can be via a WiFi connection or through the mobile network.


How can I switch connections between the iPod and CarPlay?

Volvo has a feature that gives you the flexibility to use both your iPhone and iPod by connecting to your car.  If you have both devices, then these simple steps will help you switch between the two systems.  


Follow the steps below and use your iPod:

  1. Go to the setting present at the top-view.
  2. Click on communication, then choose Apple CarPlay.
  3. Disconnect the device by unticking it, so it will not connect automatically when plugged in with a USB cable.
  4. Connect the device again after you disconnect it.
  5. Now, you can use the iPod app after opening it from the view section.

How can I switch connections between the CarPlay and iPod?

If you are willing to use both CarPlay and the iPod, then you should know how to switch between the devices. Volvo has given great flexibility to its users and this feature is one of them.


The following steps will help you connect your CarPlay if you are using an iPod.

  1. Click on Apple CarPlay via the View section.
  2. A popup will appear. Read the terms and conditions carefully and then press Ok.
  3. Disconnect the device and reconnect it through the USB portal.
  4. You can see Android CarPlay on the screen with the list of compatible apps.


Note: This feature is available in new models; confirm this for your car model. Cars like the XC40 support this function.


Can Volvo CarPlay store the list of apps that are most frequently used by the user?

In the list of previously connected devices, the 20 most used apps can be listed. The list will be deleted by default when it reaches its limit. In the case of a new device connection, it will delete the apps that were linked through a previously connected device.


What happens to internet connectivity when we use CarPlay?

If you are connecting the Volvo CarPlay via Bluetooth, the internet connection will be interrupted. It is advisable to connect the carplay through Wi-Fi for using the internet.


What should I do when the connection gets interrupted in Volvo CarPlay?

When your connection gets interrupted, disconnect the Apple CarPlay and establish the connection again. Check for a WiFi connection and other settings on your phone for a smooth connection. Close all the running apps and restart the iOS system.


Do I need to buy Apple CarPlay for Volvo cars?

Volvo cars are providing Apple CarPlay as an in-built feature in the latest models. This will come as a car accessory. No extra payment is required. If the model is older and manufactured before 2016, then you have to install CarPlay, which will cost you some money.


How can I control the phone when connected to CarPlay?

There are different ways in which you can operate the Volvo CarPlay system. You can use the screen for operations but it is advisable to use it only if you are  passenger. The best and safest way is through voice command. Instruct Siri and she will perform the required functions.


Which apps are functional in the Apple Car Play Volvo v60?

By using Apple CarPlay, apps like navigation, calls, messages, music, etc. can be operated by the user. Some third-party apps are not functional; the list will be available on the website. Please check the compatible apps. This applies to other models too.


Does the Volvo XC40 have Apple Carplay?

Yes, this car comes with the Apple CarPlay feature. There is no need to install CarPlay at an additional cost.


How do I connect Apple CarPlay to a Volvo V60?

You can easily connect Apple CarPlay to a Volvo V60 via the USB Portal. Then follow the general steps to establish the connection. If you are not able to connect to the phone, contact the support team.



Does the Volvo XC90 Apple CarPlay wireless?

Volvo cars do not have a wireless CarPlay connection. To use CarPlay, users have to connect the iOS device via a USB port through a cable.


Which car models have wireless carplay in Volvo?

Volvo has upgraded the system and now every car comes with the Apple CarPlay function. But all the cars establish connections via wire. No car has a wireless connection as of now.


How can I transform the wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay in a Volvo?

If you are willing to make the CarPlay connection wireless, then wireless adaptors are a good option. Check the car and phone’s compatibility and buy a suitable adapter to enjoy a wireless connection between your phone and the car.


Wireless Adaptors

You know that Volvo car models support Apple CarPlay, but you need a USB cable to connect the systems. What if you come across a device that will make this wired connection wireless? Interesting right?


Wireless CarPlay in Volvo is possible by using wireless CarPlay adaptors. These adaptors come as a dongle and all you need to do is connect them to your USB port and you will be able to establish a wireless connection.


There are multiple products available and we also have our range of wireless adaptors, which are used by many of our customers around the globe. The wireless connection established via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi provides the freedom to operate the phones without any safety concerns.


The connection steps are easy, quick, and much more reliable than a wired CarPlay connection. All you need is an iPhone with iOS version 6 and above and a car model that supports CarPlay.


Visit our website and explore the world of wireless adaptors, check compatibility, and convert your wired Volvo car model into a wireless car. Experience technology for a better future.




Volvo cars offer a great and versatile Apple CarPlay function. This function is a must for every individual because safety while driving is important. Our phones are integrated into our lives and not every time it is convenient to avoid them while driving.


Many car models have this feature but require a wired connection. If you are willing to step ahead, use our wireless adaptors for a better experience. Wireless connections are much safer and easier to use.


A little more investment will change your life for the better. What are you waiting for? This festive season, grab your wireless adaptor for your Apple CarPlay-Volvo duo.




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