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A Prominent Guide on How to Clear Cache on CarPlay and an Android Auto CarPlay Adaptor

CarPlay adaptors are a product that has helped us leave those wire clusters at home. No matter if you have Android or Apple phones, Ottocast has a solution for your wireless life. But sometimes the device or your phone does not work properly.


The reason behind it may be a cache issue. Technology is not adaptable to everyone. Do you also get frustrated with how you can clear the cache on your devices? Do you have any questions related to cache that you do not get answers to?


Do not worry; we value our customers and take responsibility for solving most of their questions.  We will guide you step by step to clear the cache on your system and make it functional properly. First, we will know what it is and how it will affect the systems.



Then we will answer how to clear the cache on Android Auto by using various methods. Let us start our journey to know cache better.



What is an Android Auto?

Google has developed Android Auto software for its users to experience better driving. With this app, you can integrate your phone’s features into your car’s infotainment system. You can find this app on any Android phone.

On Samsung, you can go to  Settings-Advanced Features- and Android Auto. When you know how to clear the cache on Android Auto, it will help you make your device work better.


On different phones, the location may be different. You can search for it in your phone’s settings. Normally, the in-built CarPlay is wired. Ottocast has developed CarPlay adaptors that will enhance your experience 10X by converting this wired system to wireless.  


Visit our website to get the best wireless CarPlay adaptors. Get your CarPlay wireless today and enjoy a ride with no wires, no risk and lots of entertainment. Pick up your calls without any tension while driving.


What is a Cache?

When you use your Android Auto App to connect it to your car, it stores some information temporarily. This is done to make your system better and the system has not needed to search for the information since the beginning. But sometimes this particular feature becomes a headache for the user.


Why does cache create issues?

Caches are considered important but at the same time, they can create problems. Now the question is: how do they create problems and why?


The simple response to this question is:

  • They use a large amount of storage in your system, which can create a problem.
  • Caching will also lead to privacy breaches; your data may leak.
  • If the cache does not update on time, you will not be able to see real-time data while using navigation apps, notifications, etc.
  • An incomplete cache will affect your app's performance and may keep it stuck in one place.
  • A lot of caches will slow down the speed of the app, which will be a problem for the user.


The best way to make your app work properly is to clear the cache on time. Our guide on how to clear the cache on Android Auto will be helpful to you. We will share step-by-step solutions.


How do I clear the cache for Android Auto?



Now we know what Android Auto is and how clearing the cache is important. These technical solutions are important so they will make your tech journey easy and smooth


If you learn the solution to a basic problem, it will help you handle it.  Our support team is always available to help but as our customers, we want you to be tech-ready and you should know how to clear the cache for Android Auto to solve your basic device issues.


We often see that due to cache issues, the system does not work properly and this makes things difficult for you as a customer. In this guide, we will provide you with some simple steps to clear the cache in your Android Auto app on your phone.


Follow these simple steps to learn how to clear the cache on your Android auto app.

  • Open the Settings on your phone
  • Find either Applications or Advanced Features.
  • There, you will find Android Auto.
  • Go to the storage option.
  • At last, click on the clear cache option.


By following the above steps, you will easily clear the cache on your Android auto app. Restart the app to start functioning again.


If the device is still not able to work properly, then you have to check your CarPlay or CarPlay adaptor. Maybe the cache is creating trouble while functioning. This guide on how to clear cache for Android Auto will cover the process of cleaning these too.


How will you clear the car adapter cache?

You have done everything, like clearing the cache from the Android Auto app on my phone or restarting the system but still the issue persists. Now what? Our products are made with 99 percent accuracy but sometimes gadgets create issues that are difficult to deal with.


What will you do now? Replace the gadget. No, no, no; just try to clear the car adaptor cache. Your adaptor also stores some data, which can be a source of the issue. Try to clear the junk from it and you will entertain yourself again without interruption.



A2Air is a thoughtful product by our team for Android users. This CarPlay adaptor connects your Android smartphone with your car without any wires. Isn’t it interesting?

The product is compatible with 98 per cent of cars and supports Android versions. To check compatibility, please visit our website.

The question is still in your mind I am happy with the product but what will I do when it creates issues? How will I clear the car adapter cache?


Here are the steps that you will follow to clear your CarPlay adaptor cache easily:

  • All you need to do is download our app, Ottopilot, which is our after-sales app.
  • Now search for 79 (A2Air), which is your corresponding product.
  • Find the Product Setup function and click on it to enter the product settings.
  • First, a prompt page will appear to remind the user to turn on data traffic and connect to the product WiFi: Please turn on the cellular data, go to the WLAN list and connect to AUTO-xx WIFI. The Wi-Fi password is 88888888.
  • As soon as you connect to the WiFi,  click on Connected to enter the next interface.
  • A warning message will appear before the product changes.

NOTE: The settings on this page may affect the normal use of the product. Please operate with caution. Or contact customer service for guidance.

  • Click OK to proceed to the next step.
  • Search for the factory reset option, and then reset.
  • Now clear the cache.

NOTE: If you face any issues following the above steps, connect with our support team; they will help you clear the car adaptor cache.

A2Air Pro Wireless Android Auto Adapter

If you are using A2Air Pro, in that case, the system reset is easy for you. All you need to do is press and hold the button for 15 seconds, and the white light will turn on to reset the device.



U2-X is another great option for Android users to clear the car adaptor cache. Follow the steps. 

  • 300 connection interface settings in the lower right corner.
  • Enter the settings to find the Factory Reset option.
  • Click on it to reset.



Play2Video Wireless CarPlay Adaptor

We have launched this product for all our enthusiast customers who are crazy about the videos. With the trust of Ottocast, it has Netflix and YouTube that will give your videos a different level of satisfaction.

A tremendous product for all your CarPlay needs. It is compatible with Android Auto and can connect your Android smartphone to CarPlay. That is why it is important to know how to clear the car adapter cache.

 Simple steps to clean your Play2Video Adaptor

  • Got to the Setting
  • Find system
  • Click on the reset option.
  • All the data will be erased from it.


Picasou was launched by us with a vision to provide the best to our customers. By integrating this adaptor into your car and phone, you can enjoy any app on CarPlay. Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc. are all there.

Enjoy your shows while you travel. The experience is out of this world but we are dealing with how to clear the cache for Android Auto devices. Here is a guide to clearing the car adaptor cache.

  • Got to the Setting
  • Find system
  • Click on the reset option.
  • All the data will be erased from it.

Note: If you own Picasou 2 Pro, then the same steps are helpful for that too. Remove the junk from your system and do not let it come between you and your entertainment.

How to Clean Cache or Junk from Your Car’s System?

Android Auto app check, CarPlay adaptor check but your car’s system also stores the information, right? Like every room in your home requires cleaning, every system requires cleaning too.


Here we are going to introduce some methods that will make your CarPlay play better and your connectivity stronger.

Clear Application Cache

The applications you use store information so sometimes it's necessary to clean the junk file for better performance.

Here are some steps for clearing the cache for apps.

  • Go to the main menu or application list of the vehicle system.
  • Select "Settings" or a similar option available as per your system..
  • Find options like "Applications" or "Application Management".
  • Select the app you want to clear the cache from.
  • On the app information page, select Clear Cache.

Clear browser cache:

Why do you need to clear the browser cache? Simple because, like any other app, they also store information to make your experience better.

If your  vehicle system has a browser application, open the browser. In your browser menu, find "Settings" or "Options."  Find "Privacy" or a similar option. Select Clear Cache or Clear Browsing Data.

Applications to Clean Junk

Many apps are available that will clear the junk from your system. Check for one such app, if it's in-built that will be a great help. Otherwise, you can get one for yourself as a third-party app.

Google has launched one app for the cleaning of Android, or you can use Norton Clean, Cleaner for Android, etc. to keep your phone junk-free.

Note: If you search for an Android cleaning app on the Play Store, you will receive a lot of options to choose from. These apps offer an automatic deletion option too.

Software Upgradation

Sometimes older versions of software can also create problems, and the system cannot run properly. Check for the update, if you have received a notification for a software update. Immediately update your software, it helps the system work faster and the addition of new features is a plus.

The updated software will also clear the cache if required.

Manual File Deletion

Manually deleting the files is another option that will help you clear the cache as unwanted files are removed from the system.


Note: Every system has its own name and way of working, kindly check your system before following any of the suggestions and reach out to the support staff if you face any issues.


CarPlay adaptors are a useful tool for everyone. Like we keep the appliances in our homes clean, these gadgets also require cleaning and upgrades from time to time. The team at Ottocast always helps their users and this is why this guide on how to clean cache on Android Auto and other devices is essential for our users.

Our CarPlay adaptors provide you with the best control over your car and your phone without interruption and it also take care of your safety. We never wanted to be the best but we always wanted to perform better than before. The user’s trust and comfort are what we look for.

Please share your suggestions or let us know which other product or process you want to know about. We will definitely help you in the best way possible. Read our guide on how to clean your cache on Android Auto and other devices and follow the instructions carefully for a long-lasting performance of your CarPlay.





















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