CarPlay For Bikes- Enhance Safety With Hands-Free Features

Two-wheelers like bikes are prone to different safety concerns. But does it mean that you shouldn't explore the unexplored on your bike?


Thanks to the advancement in technology, the answer is a big no. Dedicated devices like CarPlay for bikes take charge to deliver high-quality hands-free operations to riders travelling to different parts of the world. So, what are these about?


Let us understand these devices in detail today. We’ll try to go through the common challenges in road safety for bike riders. The top products from Ottocast present the best use cases of technology for riders. We’ll also go through some other alternatives followed by a quick selection guide for you.


CarPlay for Bikes- What is it and Why Do You Need It?

Which is the first argument that you hear when it comes to selecting a bike over a car?


“Do not operate your mobile while riding.”


We all know that it is not practically possible in modern times. We all have to go through our smartphone’s notifications or want to listen to the best music or infotainment while driving.


The CarPlay for bikes or bicycles were devised with the initial idea of hands-free operations of smartphone only. Just like these devices work in cars, all you need to do is connect them to your bike and enjoy a smooth journey.


Some of the key features of bike CarPlays are:


  • Quick compatibility with CarPlay

These devices offer quick connection to your smartphone using the wireless carplay or Android auto. hands there is no need to worry about the compatibility of your existing smartphone for these CarPlays for your bikes or bicycles.


  • Robust construction

The devices for bikes are equipped with IPX67 waterproof features. Further, these have a durable construction for quick access on different bike and bicycle models.


This makes them an ideal companion for tough terrain journeys.


  • Immersive touchscreen

It is easy for the riders to enjoy an immersive touchscreen as it can be quickly paired with your smartphone. Hence, it promotes safe hands-free operations with engaging journeys.

Further, you get large icons to manage different features on a single touchscreen.


  • Range of functionalities

There is no need to worry about different features as you can listen to your favorite music, hear navigation commands, and make calls. All this is powered with the use of Bluetooth and Google Voice or Siri which quickly operates with a Bluetooth helmet.


  • Easy installation

The popular CarPlay for bikes ensures easy installation for riders. The screw design and bracket kits ensure that you can quickly mount them on your bikes or bicycles without any hassles.


Recommended CarPlay For Bikes From Ottocast

Ottocast brings the world-in-class CarPlay for bikes. The company is a pioneer in wireless CarPlay adapter products and needs no introduction when it comes to CarPlay devices.


Ottocast offers quick replacement of the smartphone of the rider into a big touch screen. Hence, there is no need to take out your phone frequently while driving when you can connect it to the touch screen using CarPlay or Android Auto.


The powerful combination of a 5G network and 5.8G Wi-Fi allows high-speed networking, automatic connectivity, and stable connectivity. Below are the top offerings of CarPlay for bikes by OttoCast:



  • CarPlay Lite C5 Motorcycle GPS Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Waterproof Screen



Leading the race, the CarPlay Lite C5 Motorcycle GPS Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Waterproof Screen is an amazing option in Carplay for bikes. It is an innovative product that allows quick synchronization of smartphone applications with your bike’s CarPlay/ Android Auto.


It is compatible with 98% of motorcycles, works for Android 11 or above, and IOS10 or above operating system. It is easy to go through different weather like heavy rain, cold weather, or sunny days. There is no need to worry as its screen never betrays in sunlight.


Specifications of CarPlay Lite C5 Motorcycle GPS Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Waterproof Screen:


  • Size:176* 107* 17 mm
  • Operating voltage:12V and 24V adaptive
  • Working power:5 to 15W
  • Synchronize phone configuration
  • Front class car regulation SOC
  • Storage expansion:TF<64G
  • Weighs 370 g approximately including a stand
  • 800*480 resolution, 5” LCD, and touch screen
  • FM launch:FM 87.8 MHz to 108 MHz
  • System:Wireless Android AUTO, Wired/ Wireless CarPlay, U disk multimedia video and audio, and Wireless mirror projection.
  • Four Modules:FM transmitting module, Bluetooth transmitting module, 5.8GHz Wi-Fi, and 5.0 Bluetooth.
  • Video format: FLV/ M4V/ WEBM/ VOB/ TS/ MPG/ MP4/ MOV/ mkv/ Divx/ AVI/ ASF/ 3GP.
  • Audio format: APE/ FLAC/ OGG/ AC3/ AAC/ WMA/ MP3
  • Built-in speaker: 3 w speakers
  • Bluetooth audio transmission: Stereo
  • Material:ABS/ PC


Advantages of CarPlay Lite C5 Motorcycle GPS Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Waterproof Screen from Ottocast:


  • Riders can promptly listen to different notifications and calls. The best part is that you can use a Bluetooth headset or helmet working on dual Bluetooth 5.0.
  • It is easy to set up this CarPlay for bikesas all you need to do is complete the initial pairing. Once the initial pairing is complete, it is easy to connect this process as it device automatically to your bike for every time use.
  • There is no need for the users to look for different microphones and speakers. It comes with a built-in microphone and speakers with it.
  • Many CarPlay bikescreate issues when it comes to effortless mounting. Hence, it has a screw design and bracket kit for quick mounting on any bike for the riders.
  • It has a robust construction with a detachable anti-theft design and IPX7 waterproof features. Hence, there is no need to worry about the wear and tear of this CarPlay on your bike.
  • Many riders complain about glare issues when they use CarPlay while traveling during the daytime. This device has an anti-glare screen which makes it an ideal product for use in the day.


  • CarPlay Lite C5 SE Portable Motorcycle Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Screen



Next is another CarPlay for bikes from Ottocast i.e., the CarPlay Lite C5 SE Motorcycle Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Screen. It offers a superior touchscreen experience to the riders for a safe and engaging journey.


It is compatible with 98% of motorcycles, works for Android 11 or above, and IOS10 or above operating system. You can make calls, access your favorite tunes, and navigate easily using its features.


Features of the CarPlay Lite C5 SE Motorcycle Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Screen from Ottocast:


  • Compatibility

This CarPlay for bike is compatible with both Wireless Android Auto and Wireless CarPlay system. Hence, users can connect with any of the software according to their requirements.


  • Wide display

It come with a 854* 480 resolution display with 5-inch IPS high-brightness. Hence, riders do not need to worry about the size of icons or glare while using it on a sunny day.


  • Storage

It offers a good storage memory for preserving the data. Hence, unlike other CarPlay for bikes, it is easy for this device to restore the time settings.



Advantages of CarPlay Lite C5 SE Motorcycle Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Screen:


  • It offers quick use. There is no need to worry about the detailed steps as the initial pairing takes charge of offering a seamless connection with every other use.
  • It comes with a built-in speaker and microphone for easy use by the riders.
  • There are no problems in installing this CarPlay on your bike. The easy-to-use screw design and bracket kit helps in quick mounting on the bike.
  • It is powered by state-of-the-art design features for facilitating the riders. The top solutions are like PX7 waterproof features, sunscreen, and detachable anti-theft design.
  • The powerful dual Bluetooth 5.0 version ensures that riders can effectively use Bluetooth helmets or headsets. It offers seamless communication, navigation aid, and entertainment with totally hands-free operations.


Some alternatives to Ottocast motorcycle CarPlay

After going through the top options in motorcycle CarPlay from Ottocast, let us have a quick look at some of the popular alternatives:



It is a popular CarPlay for bikes offering built-in dual Bluetooth and the ability to withstand different weather conditions. It works for different bikes and vehicles for complete hands-free operations.


It is easy for the riders to make calls, enjoy music, and navigate to new places confidently. It can be quickly mounted on your bike for any screw-hole installation or steering handlebar monitoring.


However, users often complain about the basic problem of time-setting due to memory issues and poor quality of audio streaming.




It is a portable CarPlay for bikes and has all the leading features like an 800* 480 HD IPS screen with a 5-inch screen and built-in dual Bluetooth. It has a durable construction with an anti-theft design and waterproof features. Voice-to-text commands using Siri Voice Control or Google Assistant help in the easy management of its features.


However, users have complained that it loses time once it is shut off due to poor memory storage.




Guide To Select The Best CarPlay For Bikes

 There is no need to get confused in selecting the CarPlay for your bikes or bicycles. All can do is go through a quick guide mentioned below:


  • Screen size

The most important point to consider while buying CarPlay is the screen size. You do not want to buy a screen where you have to squint or a big screen that doesn’t work for your bikes or bicycles.


Ottocast offers the perfect combination of screen size and compatibility for CarPlay devices.


  • Features

After screen size comes the availability of different features in any CarPlay for bikes. You must go for a device offering navigation, communication, and infotainment.


Ottocast is the pioneer when it comes to fitting advanced and basic features to these CarPlays. It offers a range of functionalities to riders which can be activated with a single voice command only.


  • Bluetooth connection

Riders must get the facility of using bike CarPlays which can be quickly connected to the Bluetooth helmet. Hence, it becomes easy to operate different commands using Google Voice or Siri.


Ottocast products understand the value of the real-time hands-free experience and offer powerful Bluetooth connectivity in its CarPlays for bicycles and bikes.


  • Installation

It is important to go for CarPlay for a bike which can be quickly installed on your bike or bicycle. Ottocast offers the best products with proper screw design and bracket kit for easy mounting. Hence, you can secure your device without the need for any additional help.


  • Anti-glare screen

While it may look like another feature to many of us, the CarPlay for bikes and bicycles needs to have an anti-glare screen. This ensures that the riders get complete hands-free operations even in broad daylight.


All Ottocast CarPlay bikes have an anti-glare screen to meet the required needs of riders on a sunny day.


  • Robust features

Last but not least it is essential for any bike CarPay to have a highly robust design. Ottocast offers carefully designed products that are extremely temperature resilient. The IPX7 waterproof features ensure that you don’t need to postpone a trip on a rainy day.


Further, all their products come with an anti-glare screen to overcome visibility issues on sunny days.


Final words

So, what do you think about CarPlay for bikes?


These are the innovative devices facilitating safety and features for bike or bicycle riders. Just like for cars, these screens ensure smooth functions with hands-free operations.


Ottocast is the leading wireless CarPlay adapter brand with several devices for seamless functionality. It is easy to select any of the products from the company to enhance your two-wheeler experience.




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