How to update your U2-PLUS

*There may be some bugs in the update of the new software due to the adaptability of your car model. If you do not have any problems during use, we recommend that you carefully consider upgrading the software.

Update your device by following the instructions

During the update, power, smartphone and internet access are required. Please prepare those essential elements beforehand.

Latest release:

U2-PLUS update v20220811 | August 11, 2022
1. Fixed the issue of the voice of the Kia modern vehicle console could not be recorded.

U2-PLUS update v20220602 | June 2, 2022
1. Fixed the Mercedes-Benz CLS 260 and 2017 connection issue.

U2-PLUS update v20220601 | June 1, 2022
1. Fixed the bluetooth language switching and system process crash.

U2-PLUS update v20220530 | May 30, 2022
1. Fixed the Audi Q7 disconnection issue.
2. Fixed the small dots in the upper right corner of desktop icons.

1. Download the U2-PLUS update zip. from our official website. Then upload the update zip. file (Do Not Un-compress the zip. file) into an empty TF memory card (FAT32 formated).

2. Flip your device and look for the TF card insertion icon, insert your TF card according to the exact position pattern. Then connect your device through USB data port from your car console (recommended), or power via a 5V charging USB port (Not recommended).

3. After your device is connected, it should display the Android system on your car console screen. Wait for the upgrade activation.

4. Select YES or wait for 15s countdown to enter automatic upgrade. (Do not select the "clear all data"). Then follow the instruction of upgrade notification, your U2-PLUS will do the rest.

5. The update file will be automatically copied, and process the upgrade.

6. When the upgrade is semi-complete, the Android system will reboot automatically with the Red LED constantly 
lighting and the Green/Blue LED flashing.  

7. After the reboot, there is a final upgrade for system Apps. Be patient and wait for the 100% upgrade.

8. The device will again reboot for the last time. For now, please enjoy your journey with the U2-PLUS brand new system. (If the device has failed to reboot itself, please unplug and plug it into your console again)