How to update your U2-AIR

*There may be some bugs in the update of the new software due to the adaptability of your car model. If you do not have any problems during use, we recommend that you carefully consider upgrading the software.

Update your device by following the instructions

During the update, power, smartphone and internet access are required. Please prepare those essential elements beforehand.

Latest release:

U2-AIR update v20220926 | September 26, 2022
1. Fixed the issue of incompatibility of the Sony host
2. Optimize the stability of wifi connection to CarPlay 3. Filter the IAP protocol that the host does not support

U2-AIR update v20220907 | September 7, 2022
1. Optimize the stability of online upgrade
2. Optimize audio mode 2

U2-AIR update v20220812 | August 12, 2022
1. Optimize forward carplay connection stability
2. Fixed the issue of no sound when talking on Hyundai machines

U2-AIR update v20220721 | July 21, 2022
1. Fixed the issue of connecting carplay sound after making a phone call.
2. Add the function of playing music directly after connecting to wifi carplay (depending on the status of the phone).

Desktop Upgrade Tutorial

iPhone Upgrade Tutorial

1. Power your U2-AIR by USB2 (charging only), connet your device via iPhone Wi-Fi settings by tapping the title with "AUTO-xxxx" and entering password "88888888".

2. Turn on your Safari, enter and access "" in your browser.

3. Press the "update" button if your software update is available, the download will start automatically.

4. Once the download is completed, the installation will start automatically with the Blue LED flashing rapidly.

5. Please note: the Blue LED becomes constantly lighting when the whole update is finished. And wait for another 30s before the final step.

6. After 30s from the last step, unplug and plug your device into your car's USB jack. After your device reboot, everything is done.