Wireless CarPlay Dongles


A wireless CarPlay dongle is a device that enables a wireless connection between a mobile phone and a CarPlay-enabled car audio system. Carplay dongle is actually another name for wireless carplay adapter.
The wireless carplay dongles produced by Ottocast can connect mobile phones to cars and increase the entertainment experience in the car. The Apple carplay dongle is specially developed for Apple mobile phone users. It allows the mobile phone's iOS system to connect with the car's carplay system to transmit data to each other.
The wireless apple carplay dongle is a carplay dongle that does not require data line components to link. It realizes wireless connection for data transmission through the wireless data transmission protocol.
So dongle carplay, iphone wireless carplay dongle, apple car play wireless dongle all refer to wireless carplay adapter.
Ottocast produces and sells a variety of wireless carplay dongles, welcome to buy.
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